It’s not just about being husband and wife, sometimes it’s something a bit more; you’re best friends too! But what are the signs that you really are marrying your best friend?


You trust each other

We know, this is an obvious one. Any couple should trust each other, and even more so when you’re getting married. It’s a bit more than closing your eyes and falling back into their open arms, trusting that they’ll catch you – although, that is a great test (and sometimes, strength!).

You trust them in every single way possible, even down to the smaller things like a restaurant recommendation for your next date night, or knowing which chocolate bar to pick when he goes to the shops (another great test we think!).

It's not just about being Mr and Mrs, often it's something a bit more; you're best friends! But what are the signs that you're marrying your best friend?


They’re the first person you call

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If you’ve received some exciting, happy, sad, interesting or just any type of news, they’re the first person you’ll tell. There’s absolutely no hesitation as to whose name you’ll scroll to first in your phonebook, no matter what the news.


You’ve got the same interests

Well, not necessarily, but you’ll at least be happy to put up with each other’s interests. If he loves to surf, you’ll be right in the water with him or at the very least chilling on the beach, or if she can’t go a night without watching Hollyoaks, you might sit there on the sofa with her (and maybe even get ridiculously into its multitude of storylines, too – who knows!).

It's not just about being Mr and Mrs, often it's something a bit more; you're best friends! But what are the signs that you're marrying your best friend?


You know them better than you know yourself

…and they know you better than they know themselves. Cute, eh? It’s not uncommon for you to predict exactly what they’re going to say or do on occasions, and being able to finish each others’ sentences is no big deal to you guys at all really.


You’ve got your own language

You don’t need to speak words to know exactly what each other are thinking or wanting to say; you can just tell. No one is sure how you do it – in fact, you’re not even sure how you do it – but it works. You could even have a whole conversation with your crazy mother-in-law in the room and she’d never know…


It's not just about being Mr and Mrs, often it's something a bit more; you're best friends! But what are the signs that you're marrying your best friend?

You always make each other laugh

Even if other people don’t find you remotely amusing at all, you two find each other the funniest human beings on earth. What’s a best friend without a lot of laughing hysterically and snorting accidentally? And then there’s your private jokes; you could actually make a book of them, there’s that many.


Your arguments never last long

It’s cute because you know it, and everyone you know knows it. That huge, dramatic argument that you just texted your friend about? It will be over in a matter of minutes, and then you two will be all loved-up and best of friends again. You just can’t stay mad for long!

You’re both happy doing nothing

When you say to friends that you’ve got plans with him or her next Friday night, it doesn’t necessarily mean a date night or actually doing something. Why? Because you’re both perfectly happy not doing anything together. Doing nothing together is very different to doing nothing, right?


You’re super comfortable with each other

There’s nothing that you two won’t do together or admit to each other because you are that couple. The best friend couple. Him seeing you come back from a night out, makeup all over your face, gorging on yesterday’s leftover pizza? Not a problem. You’ll even find yourselves to be known as the perfect couple to double date or third-wheel for friends of yours – score! Jody&Dylan-65

You miss them as soon as they’re gone

When you’re not with each other, you’ll miss each other. Even if you’ve just gone your separate ways for a measly day at work, you still can’t help but miss them a little bit at least, so much that at any opportunity you’ll be texting about plans tonight or asking what’s for dinner. There’s a reason he’s top of your Snapchat best friend list, and that is all those I’m-at-work-and-bored Snapchats you’re sending…


You support each other

No matter what, you’ve got each others’ backs. Whatever decisions you make – big or small – you will always support each other. You look to him for the best advice, and he looks to you, whatever the topic; from what to wear to career moves. You’re basically each others’ number one fans. Sean and Amy


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