‘Your Wedding Experience Series’ by Ikonworks – Ensuring timeless wedding photos!


From a wedding photographer’s perspective, preparing for a wedding is so much more than just arrival and departure times. It is more than where you bought your frock from or putting oh so pretty shoes next to a bottle of perfume (well it should be anyway).

Tell your photographer what is important to you…

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How do you tell someone you barely know, everything they need to know to make it possible for them to photograph a day that is part of your family history? Capturing moments that represent the direction you are choosing to take your family in, because of the love you have for one person?!

How do you tell someone you have had a brief meeting with, what you really don’t like about yourself, and how you so deeply want to make sure they don’t capture what you perceive to be your biggest flaw?

Do you think you can feel comfortable telling this person you are investing so much in, you want to make sure capturing photos of you and your partner with the older generations of your family at your side is one of the most sentimental and important parts of your day?Will they will support you, and strive to breathe life into your photographs with care and kindness? This type of photographer is sometimes hard to find easily, so just how do you go about finding them?

As a little girl, I remember flipping through my parent’s wedding album. It’s slightly worn box, the silly noise the box made as you lifted off the lid, the pattern on the tissue paper between each mounted picture. It is, however, the clarity of one major thing which significantly remains, I loved how young my Dad looked in these pictures (he travelled a lot when I was a child so having those around me was very precious, a comfort when he was on the other side of the world). My parents’ album is after all a beautiful reminder of the love that made me exist in this world.

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These memories made me want to create something of real value for my future brides and grooms, This first booklet in the Ikonworks ‘Your Wedding Experience’ series, is about something we all want – timeless, unique, and gorgeous wedding photos.

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A couple that Tasha has been working with for their wedding next year:

“Oh my goodness! It has been so helpful, and I’ve been able to see not only how important this journey Tasha is about to take us on, but also how much there is to think about. Especially, when you strive to document your wedding day not just for your generation, but as a family heirloom for all your future generations. It also highlighted, how critical it is to talk through the process and plan it together, carefully”.

This wonderful new resource will, I believe ensure you have heirloom worthy wedding photos, either using Ikonworks as your photographer or planning for your photographer with this download to hand!

Perfect photography is about capturing passion, love and beauty in a single click of the shutter. Working through this download will show there is so much more to the process.

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The aim is to get you thinking about…

  • The look of your venue and styling, and how you can make these things work to their fullest potential. How incorporating your style, personal relationship memento’s, beautiful family heirlooms, alongside the mix of your personalities, will ensure your wedding is truly unique.
  • How you personally feel about certain things, have you talked about unplugging your ceremony, have your taken photographer referrals from friends, are you a nervous person, and do you find it hard being the centre of attention?
  • What do you want most from your photography?
  • What is the nicest thing your photographer has said online this week, and why knowing this demonstrates you are connected and invested in them, making it easier for them to achieve those pure, authentic images for you both.

What does Romance and Love mean?



This is the time when you find a few photographers you like the look of with your other partner. Review their work, check out their website, read their blog posts, look at the work they have featured, read the testimonials they have for their work on their website and on social media.


Go through the research process then observe, make sure you keep an eye on the social media of the people you are researching and considering (book mark it for easy access).

Make a shortlist

She, he, they… are you impressed, did they wow, can you picture in your mind having them less than three metres away from you for a whole day? Did they at some point over the previous week say something in their online presence that made your heart race, close your eyes and imagine your wedding day?

However you found them, go with your instinct and if something is bothering you either take the time to iron it out in the next part of the process or discount them, don’t just hope it will go away, because it probably won’t.


I wrote about this recently, I have placed a link to a few brilliant articles at the end of this post – don’t go now though, but do take a look later.

Nice coffee and a chat

The restorative powers of a good cup of coffee and an inspiring chat with perhaps two or three photographers (not at the same time clearly) is a good place to go next.  Did you like how the meeting went, did you get all the answers you wanted, did you feel connected to the person you met with and do you feel confident now that they are the person/people to capture your wedding, perfectly? If so, now you….


Email them, say you love them and ask them for a formal quote based on your conversation. This is to be fair an obvious part, you love one of the photographer’s, the quote works and you want to go ahead and book them. N.B. Please remember to let the other’s know you are going to book someone else, and always let them know why. Please make sure you follow the meeting with any questions you may have, check the details in the quote they provide you, check the terms and conditions you are provided (at least twice) and then sign on the dotted line.


Now is the time to cover the nitty gritty either face to face, over email, or on the phone. A good photographer will be fully briefed upon arrival. A quick introduction is always good, but most of the time we should be capable on the day of taking all the knowledge we have and shooting your day effortlessly. Preparation is therefore key, even for the most simple of days.


A quick email to make sure that everything has been checked over, and is in place. Making sure the photographer has everything they need information wise. Once you have checked timings with your other suppliers provide a second update.

Nice chat, and site visit

An exciting chance to get together, a time to cover the reasons you fell in love with your venue. Tell the photographer the things you don’t like, talk about the things you do like.

Decide timings

General regular updates, suggestions on groups shots (if you want to do them). Updates on styling, and other plans.  Confirm final timings, the list of group shots, who are runners, helpers, key guests, VIP’s and the other key suppliers.


Make sure you breathe at this stage, you cannot live these wedding plans every minute of every day.

OMG, it’s really happening

At this point remember to try and relax, let your photographer re-assure you and those around you. By now they should be very much a person who can do this for you, and they should if you are connected be willing to do so.

Vows and kisses

Be wrapped up in the moment of getting married, your day will go by so quickly. Work together, be honest, if you don’t feel comfortable tell them, and if you need a break tell them.

Excited photos, hugs, more kisses, dancing, laughing, more kisses

Embrace everything that happens now, have a few glasses of fizz, kiss your partner often.



The current AUGUST issue of Wedding Ideas features Tasha’s stunning cover at Penton park! Get your copy now PLUS view more of the Penton Park shoot here on the Wedding Ideas blog!

Issue 163 front cover and content, photographed by Tasha from Ikonworks.

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