As a newly-engaged bride, you’ve probably got wedding dress questions coming out of your ears! How many should you try on? Who should you take with you? Finding ‘the one’ can seem like a daunting task but fear not! The experts at Find Your Dream Wedding Dress are here to answer your most common queries…

“When should I start looking for a wedding dress?”

It’s never too early to start! As soon as you’ve got engaged you should start looking in magazines and online to get an idea of styles and designers that you like. Find Your Dream Wedding Dress is a great online resource with hundreds of gorgeous gowns to look at and information on where you can buy them.


“How long will it take for my dress to be made?”

Depending on the designer you choose, it could take anything between four and nine months. To give yourself plenty of choice and time – and minimize the risk of a last minute panic – you should start looking at least 12 months before the big day. If your wedding is less than six months away then mention this when you make your appointment so the staff are aware and will only show you dresses that you will be able to have in time.

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“Will I need to make an appointment at the bridal shop?”

Most shops run an appointment-only system, but some can accommodate customers who walk in, depending on how many fitting rooms are in operation. Don’t worry if you work full time – most shops offer appointments in the evenings and on Sundays as well as during normal shop opening times. Allow a good hour for an appointment.

“What should I take with me to my first appointment?”

Try-on shoes are often available in fitting rooms, but if you prefer take shoes with you that are your favourite heel height. Wearing a good fitting bra and body-shaping underwear could boost your assets and your confidence and could be a good move if you are going for a figure-hugging dress.

“Should I ask my mum to come along?”

Invite someone whose opinion you value and who won’t become bored or impatient with you. Don’t be tempted to invite an entourage – the more people who are present the more (usually varied and sometimes controversial) opinions you’ll receive and this might confuse, annoy or worse still upset you!

“What size dresses will be there for me to try on?”

Bridal shops carry samples in a variety of sizes and the sales staff should be expert at selecting the sample size that will give you the best idea of how a gown will look. If you are a plus-size bride or you are worried about the number of gowns that will fit you, then contact a few shops and ask them what sizes they carry. It could be a deciding factor when trying to work out who you would like to visit.


“How do I choose the best shape for my body?”

The Style Guide on Find Your Dream Wedding Dress has lots of tips. Experienced sales staff will know what styles will work best for you, so take their advice. Very often, a bride-to-be has a fixed idea about her dream dress and it is only when she starts looking at different styles and then trying them that she discovers ‘the one’.

“How do I know if I have found ‘the one’?”

If you keep comparing other styles to one in particular, chances are it is the dress for you. Things to ask yourself when you’re trying on dresses include… Does it suit my wedding theme? Is it me? Do I feel confident? Can I envisage walking down the aisle in this dress? Do I love this dress and feel a million dollars in it?

“How many fittings will I need?”

This will depend on the dress style, the cut and the fabric but also whether you change your shape by losing weight. On average you could expect two fittings, but in some cases and for a simple hem you may only need the one. Alterations are usually charged in addition to the cost of the dress.

“I have a tight budget – will I still be able to get a fabulous gown?”

There are wedding dresses out there to suit all budgets. However small your budget, never ever be tempted to buy what seems like a brilliant ‘deal’ online. There are copy houses out there that illicitly use pictures of the real thing on their website, offering a gown at a fraction of the real price.

Only heartache ensues when that so-called dream dress arrives stuffed into a jiffy bag and bearing no resemblance to the dress you thought you’d ordered. Nothing can compare to the experience of finding your gown in a dedicated bridal boutique so don’t miss out!

So that’s you sorted but what about your bridesmaids? Check out the latest looks for your best girls right here!