Your first kiss as husband and wife is a momentous occasion and one that your photographer is sure to capture! But what’s the best way to do it? A small peck with lips closed or a full-on smooch? We turned to ex-model and The Bridal Coach Michele Paradise for her expert advice…

Your first kiss as husband and wife at the altar should be romantic and full of love, so here are some things to remember.

As well as closing your eyes (an essential ingredient to a good first kiss) and not bumping foreheads as you approach each other too quickly, you should also keep the following things in mind.


Don’t make your first kiss too sloppy or you will make your wedding guests feel uncomfortable. This is especially true if you are kissing in a church.


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The best part of any kiss is its intention, so do it from a place of love and tenderness and this will come shining through and be reflected in your photographs.

Avoid a quick peck

A quick peck on the lips can be seen as a bit cold and empty, especially when it’s your first kiss as a married couple, so linger a little longer to make sure your photographer can capture that special moment.

Tongues or no tongues?

We say tongues are good if that’s what feels natural to you but don’t suck each other’s faces off! A quick poll of the Wedding Ideas office showed that no one used tongues when they got married – but do what feels good to you.

Touch me!

It might be difficult with the veil and the big dress but there should be a certain amount of touching involved, so hug each other while you kiss. Your husband will naturally pull you towards him in a loving embrace.

Try it out

The best part about your first kiss as husband and wife is that it needs a bit of practice, so what are you waiting for? Grab that mistletoe tonight!

Need some more inspiration? How would you rate these famous first kisses? Watch the video and let us know on the Wedding Ideas Forum!