Is your best friend getting married, or are you wondering what your best friend is thinking when you tell her you’re getting hitched? Well, now you can find out…


The moment she tells you that her boyfriend finally popped the question, you can’t get enough. It might be possible that you are more excited than any other person she’s told, maybe even more excited than her; your best friend is getting married! Like, actually married. Squealing with excitement you want to know every-single-detail possible, and you want to know it NOW! Oh, and then she asks you to be bridesmaid – there are no words to how you feel right now apart from “AHHHHBDGKJNSDFKJNDSFJKSFDSASJ YES PLEASE”. Matthew and Lindsey-112

Um… credit?

When she talks about her proposal and how she met him, do you reckon she’ll tell them how you helped set them up? (Well, you were there when it happened…). How you helped her text him back and saved her from sending the cringey replies she’d drafted out asking if they were okay? (They weren’t.) You’re pretty much cupid in this situation.

Where IS she?

Okay, seriously now, where is she? You feel you have barely heard from her for days, let alone see her. When she has texted you, it’s just a short message and she takes hours to reply, and she’s ‘too busy’ for any impromptu plans like you always used to have. Do you have to ask her to book me in for a glass of wine now? What is this wedding doing to her?!

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Could it be possible that you’re getting a little bit jealous over the amount of time she’s spending with him? But then again, they are getting married. “Oh god”, you think, “this is how it’s going to be; this is what her married life will be like”. Staring at the empty space on your sofa where your best friend used to sit, you start to think and wonder what to do with all this ‘me’ time you have now. Then comes the serious consideration of joining all the dating websites and apps you can if you’re single, or thinking up ways you can hint at your boyfriend to propose… like, ASAP. Joint wedding, maybe?

She’s back!

Panic over. She’s texted you saying she needs a cocktail or two to save her from her wedding to-do list. You understand now, she’s been busy. That means your friendship isn’t in danger at all. *Celebratory dance*. This is where you’ve got to make sure you’ve got her back, because you definitely don’t want another stressed-out/invisible best friend again. When you finally meet up again – even if it has actually only been two days since the last time – not only can you catch up on all the gossip you’ve missed out on, you can also sort out the stuff you can help with for the wedding and more importantly, the stuff you can do together. Yay, girls’ days out! np590

Personal assistant mode

As soon as she’s told you that you can help out, you’re on a mission. Almost as if it’s your own wedding, you’ll be trawling the internet for bargain decorations, bridesmaid dresses and honeymoon packages and sending the links through to her… or saving them in your Favourites for when it eventually comes round to your wedding. When it comes to those girly activities, from the hen party to finding her that all-important dream dress, there will be no messing with you around. You’ll be like her personal assistant or bodyguard to make sure everything runs smoothly. You even use the ‘she’s getting married’ excuse more than her! It’s your best friend’s wedding after all – it’s just as important for you as it is for her.

Third wheeling

With the whole never-wanting-to-leave-her-side thing going on – to make up for when it’s less acceptable (aka on their honeymoon), – it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to do some third wheeling, or double dating, or just fifth wheeling with their couple friends. Either way, you’re happy to do it because the guy she’s marrying is great. Realistically, would she marry someone who wasn’t? No is the answer to that question. Michelle-Simon-550

Extreme excitement

As if you weren’t already excited enough with all the wedding plans that you are always fully updated on, the invitation comes through your letterbox. It’s fair to say, this sends your excitement through the roof. You just can’t believe it’s actually happening. This is going to be the best day EVER. And what’s great is your bridesmaid dress is pretty darn fine – you’ve even spotted shoes that are a perfect match in the sale.

Mutual stress

The day is coming closer, and you’re feeling as stressed as she is! The nervous-but-excited-but-so-much-to-do feeling is shared between you. Why? Because that’s what happens with best friends – some weird simultaneous force between you, duh! Well, actually no, you’re feeling the pressure because the closer the day gets, the more she’s getting you to do and the more she’s texting you stressed-out messages. But that’s almost the same isn’t it?!

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Wedding day!

The day is officially here! You’ve made sure you’ve packed your waterproof mascara because there may just be some tears. Moving from personal wedding planning assistant to personal wedding photographer on the day, your phone’s photo album is filling up with your bestie in her bridal attire, and selfies of you and her – you’re already thinking about which filter to use for when you’re allowed to upload it to Instagram. Back come the desperate thoughts of joining Tinder or circling engagement rings in magazines for your boyfriend to see around the house – she just looks so beautiful and happy!

Honeymoon sadness

Then the post-wedding and honeymoon sadness kicks in, but for you, not her. You’re back to the comfort of your own sofa, with no best friend’s wedding to plan anymore (for now) and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in your hand. You find yourself waiting on Facebook and Instagram for any sign of a honeymoon status or photo so you can like it immediately! As you scoop a spoonful of ice cream into your mouth, you wonder “Will I ever see her again?”. Hollie&Paul-300

Friends forever

Of course you will! As soon as she’s off the plane, she’s texting you to arrange a major catch up. Cocktails are in order! How silly were you to think a boy would ever get in the way of you two? Even if he is now her husband. You can deal with that. It’s BFFs 4evs; she even bought back matching bracelets from holiday to prove it…

Okay okay, so this may be slightly exaggerated (or maybe it isn’t!), but girls out there with best friends getting married can’t deny these kind of thoughts have crossed their minds. And Ben and Jerry’s would have most definitely been a part of it. C&M735

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