Today is the official Men’s Grooming Day: that means it’s a day of… men grooming? But it’s not just today that men are getting excited to spruce up.

In a recent survey by American Express, it turns out that that it’s men who are spending the most money to look good for weddings this year. Yep, more money than women. Daffodil Waves Photography - Hogarths Hotel Wedding - Rachel and Kieran035

So ladies, when you’re complaining about buying that new outfit and all the completely necessary things that come with being a wedding guest (getting your hair, nails, make-up done, of course!), remember that at least someone will be worse off: men.

When it comes to picking out that perfect outfit to attend a wedding, men are outspending women by 17%, with women spending an average of just under £96 and men, an average of £113.39.


Surprisingly, men are even outspending women on hair and beauty! The pre-wedding preen costs men a little under £50, whilst women only spend a little over £45, making an 8% difference between the two sexes.

So next time your man is complaining about your beauty shopping spree, you know what to say! But if you – or your man – are looking for some top beauty tips that will save you a bit of dosh, then we can help!


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