Getting the wording right on your invitations can be tricky. When trying to establish whether you want it to be quite formal or informal takes some practice. Luckily for you, we have our step-by-step guide on how to write wedding invitations. 

Follow our easy step by step on how to word your wedding invitations...
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The Wedding Ideas guide on how to write wedding invitations


Traditionally whoever pays for the wedding were the hosts of the big day and therefore named as hosts on the wedding invitation. However, with the splitting of wedding costs to both families, variations of different hosts can leave you a little confused about how best to word them. So we’ve done the work for you.


BRIDE’S PARENTS –  {Thomas and Maria Smith}

BOTH SETS OF PARENTS –  {Thomas and Maria Smith}
                                         {Grahame and Louise Blake}


COUPLE –  {Ella Mary Smith}
                {James Gregory Blake}


COUPLE & PARENTS –  Together with their parents

                                       {Ella Mary Smith}
                                     {James Gregory Blake}



If you are to have your ceremony in a place of worship, then the host will request the honour of the guest’s company. If your ceremony is anywhere else, the host will request the pleasure of the guest’s company.



…request the honour of your company
at the marriage of their daughter

{Ella Mary Smith}
{James Gregory Blake}




If you know you will have limited seating for the ceremony, you need to know exactly who will be able to attend in advance. This means you can word your invitations like this:

Two seats have been reserved for you
Please reply on or before January 15th 2019


Persons Attending ………

If a meal choice will be offered to your guests to request in advance of the wedding this can be included within your RSVP card like this…

The Courtesy of a reply is requested
By January 15th 2019

Please indicate a number of each…

Meal choice 1 ……    Meal Choice 2 ……


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