Your wedding day, one of the most important days you’ll ever have… One you’ll want to remember and relive again and again. You need a videographer but gone are the days of having a film crew in the corner of the room. There are so many positives to getting your friends and family to film your wedding day, as Joe from Wediting explains…

It’s your day

The first is the fact that it’s your day. You’ve decided who to surround yourself with friends and family, so why add a stranger into that equation? You are in control, you get the cameras from the day before until the day after the wedding and you’re not worried about paying an extra hour for the videographer to stay if things are running behind or wondering if they’ve been provided with sandwiches.

Practical advice

We include a handy tips and tricks postcard with the equipment but you need to make sure that your friends capture an overview of the day. Keep the shots steady, make sure people’s heads aren’t in the way and be in the best place for all important shots – including the first kiss, confetti and the cutting of the cake! We also like to see lots of details from the day, a range of different angles and plenty of varying shots.

Send a message

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Getting the cameras the day before means you can record a good luck message for your groom-to-be. You’ve also got the ability to film from the moment you awake – every part of your important preparations – and with three cameras you will be able to film both the morning rituals of both the bride and the groom. The fact that familiar faces are filming throughout the day also doesn’t put your guests off. They’ll happily bust out their legendary dance moves and play up to the lens a little if they know the camera operator, but most wouldn’t for a stranger!

Added entertainment

We also see our cameras as wedding entertainment. The ideal thing would be to pass them around throughout the day. This allows extra creativity from different people and as the day goes on and the drinks start flowing, your guests begin to leave the happy couple messages. These might not make the final edit but they are perfect for sitting through when you get all your footage back.

Professional editing

Editing is the tricky part but at Wediting we can take care of that for you. Most brides and grooms choose their first dance song but we’re happy to edit to anything you fancy as we have all the right licensing to be able to do that. Once your friends and family have filmed, we choose the best footage in our expert opinion for your reel. The highlight video is also easily shareable via the internet, too – great for those people who perhaps couldn’t make your wedding!

Budget-friendly option

Cost is also a factor for many couples when it comes to wedding videos. Your wedding budget may have already imploded and you might even consider not having a videography service due to the price. Some wedding videography can be upwards of four figures, but our £349 service offers is a great budget-friendly choice – and you still get a professional-looking wedding video at the end of it.

Have you budgeted for a wedding video? Not having the day filmed is one of our real brides’ biggest regrets – so don’t make the same mistake. Photographs are wonderful but to hear people’s voices in the speeches and your vows, is truly incredible. This day cannot be repeated so Wedding Ideas says capture it while you can!