It’s your wedding day, and you’re surrounded by your bridal party, family and friends. You’re about to get married and, of course, you want your best friend to be standing by your side. But what if your best friend happens to be a man, asks Chilli Sauce

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We’re all familiar with the concept of a maid of honour but what about the guys in our lives? For most men, the traditional roles of best man and groomsmen are the only ones available. That’s all well and good if, as a bride, all your friends are girls, while your husband-to-be only has guy friends.

However – as in the case with most modern relationships – our social circles tend to be mixed. What to do if your best friend is a guy? Should you cast him off with your husband’s friends to be one of the groomsmen? Frustrated with the archaic gender roles that exist in traditional weddings, some brides have decided to do away with expectations and start a few traditions of their own. And a Man of Honour is the result! Check out what this man of honour did for his best friend on her wedding day…

Why would you pick a guy?

In the modern age, the idea of a maid of honour has become a little outdated. We all want our loved ones by our side on the big day, but why should gender dictate such an important role? Of course, there’s no need to do away with your gal pals – but if the person you really want by your side on the day happens to be a guy friend, then you shouldn’t let tradition stop you!


Gender roles aren’t as fixed as they used to be. As society becomes more progressive, we too have become more ‘gender-fluid’ – happy to embrace new roles as and when our circumstances change. Why should your wedding day be any different? Having your best guy friend as your man of honour is a fantastic approach; letting you include everyone in a way that suits you, your friends and your circumstances.

What’s he supposed to do?

Having a man of honour is not simply about replacing a woman with a man. Your man of honour is going to stand by your side, support you and keep you calm – but that’s where the similarities end. You’ll need to adapt the role a little to ensure that your man of honour feels comfortable. If he’s one of your closest friends, we’re sure he’ll be more than capable when it comes to supporting you in planning your wedding and he can offer a much-needed male perspective.

When it comes to his wedding look – that’s really up to you. It’s a good idea to have your man of honour dressed in the same attire as the groomsmen – however, he should still stand out as being part of your bridal party by having his tie, cravat or pocket square match the bridesmaids’ dresses. Also, don’t forget to inform the photographer that your man of honour is a part of your bridal party, not one of the groomsmen.

Is it going to be weird?

Weird for who? If this guy is one of your closest friends, chances are your bridesmaids and family already know and love him. If you’re concerned about the man himself feeling awkward, be sure to let him in on every feature. Consider the little details of the day – who will he walk down the aisle with? So long as he’s at ease, his role should be a success.

If you’re concerned about your husband-to-be finding this a bit off, make sure you talk it through. Your fiancé is surely already familiar with the important people in your life, and will understand why this is important to you. Chances are they might like to add a close female friend or relative to their list of groomsmen! Overall, your wedding is the day you begin a new life with the person you love. It only makes sense that you should have your closest friends and family by your side.

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