The majority of couples hire a photographer for their wedding day, and maybe even a videographer, to capture their special day in order to relive those incredible moments over and over again. However, drones are becoming more and more popular at weddings as technology increases. Hollie&Paul-249

The idea of aerial videography is nothing new. It allows for an aerial or high up image to be shot, which can be the best way to get some of the best images, particularly when there are various things or people standing in the way when shooting from the ground. There’s no longer the need to miss the perfect shot by a group of people in front of a major milestone.


Pop DemoKrat has already figured this out – which is why they offer both drone photography and drone videography for weddings. This can help to go above and beyond what the wedding photographer can capture because of being able to see all of what’s going on, including how everyone is interacting with one another.

The drone can be very non-obtrusive, allowing footage to be taken of the bride and groom as well as their guests. The ceremony can involve drone aerial photography, flying over the vows as well as everyone who is sitting in the audience. It can catch the first kiss as well as the ring exchange from an aerial view – completely different images than what the photographer standing on the ground is going to be able to get.

A lot of action shots can be captured at weddings using drone photography and videography, particularly at the reception. Many brides and grooms want the aerial shots of them cutting the cake as well as everyone dancing. It can be a lot of fun to look at the photo and video coverage later on – and it can make it feel a lot more intimate to look at everything from this angle. rachel_dave-270

The drones at Pop DemoKrat do all the work and can take some breathtaking images along the way. If you haven’t seen a drone at a wedding yet, just wait! It’s increasing in popularity and more couples who are scheduling weddings are looking at adding it as part of their photography package. It’s more affordable than people might think and it can be a refreshing change from all of the standard photos and videos that go into a wedding album.