watch-the-video-below-buttonIf you’ve decided to have a winter wedding, you might find yourself rather undecided on how you’re going to wear your hair on the big day.

We love winter weddings and brides. Why? Because it’s a more unusual season in which to marry, even though it’s becoming more and more popular. There’s also a cool sophistication and elegance to being a winter bride, which you can reflect in your choice of hairstyle.
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One of the first things to consider is your hair length. You may be growing it to have a bit more hair to play with or you may have always dreamed of having an updo on your wedding day.

Your choice of hairstyle will depend on the style of dress and neckline you’re wearing, the shape of your face and, of course, the length that your hair will be at the time of your wedding day. If you haven’t got long hair or your hair is very fine, then consider the use of hair extensions or a hairpiece to add a bit of depth and drama to your ‘do.

You could also consider having your hair a little darker in winter than in summer. Hair naturally lightens in the summer months due to the effects of the sun, so why not embrace the colder season with a darker, more intense look?

As always, talk to your hairdresser, we recommend that you don’t have a dramatic haircut, new hairstyle or colour change in the weeks leading up to your wedding day. For one thing, you’ll want your groom to recognise you as you walk up the aisle! Show your hairdresser a picture of the dress you’re planning to wear (with you in it if possible) and see what she suggests. If your hairdresser is somebody you’ve been visiting for a long time, she’ll know what suits you and may have some new ideas you haven’t considered.

Here are a few different looks that would suit a winter bride to perfection, these would work with both long and short hair.

winter wedding hair

Vintage glamour

The Great Gatsby is a great source of vintage hair inspiration. First off, we loved all the accessories that were on show, such as diamanté hair clips, circlets and other gorgeous finishing touches. If you’ve been growing your hair and it’s still in an in-between stage, why not have a Daisy-style bob that would look chic and elegant. If you wanted to wear a veil at some stage, then a birdcage veil would be fabulous with this kind of a cut.

If your hair is shoulder length, then consider having an elegant wave. Think of old Hollywood glamour and the look that celebs like Lana Del Ray and Dita Von Teese have made their own. Wear your hair loose but perfectly groomed, and dress it up with a cute side clip.

winter wedding hair

An uplifting updo

If you want to wear your hair in an updo, then you’ve a number of options at a winter wedding.

First off, there’s the ever-popular beehive style, which is very flattering to many different face shapes. You can wear a beehive style with a veil and a tiara, in fact, it will set off a tiara to perfection. It doesn’t have to be an over the top Amy Winehouse-style either, you can have a lower beehive and still get the same effect. Great if you want to add inches to your height!

A different sort of updo is to wear your hair in a classic chignon, as Grace Kelly did on her wedding day. A chignon never dates – it’s classy and sophisticated and if you’ve been lucky enough to be given some sparkly diamond earrings then they are all the jewellery you need. Again, a chignon works well with a veil – just ask your hairdresser for some tips on how to tidy up your updo after you’ve taken off your veil after the ceremony.

If you’d like a more unstructured sort of a look, where your hair can move freely, then ask your hairdresser to experiment with pin-curls on your hair. These give a soft, bouncy look to your hair that is very feminine. It’s also a versatile choice, because you can put pincurls in even short crops, or wave longer shoulder-length hair.

Boho braids

If you’d like to have a slightly boho touch to your winter wedding, then how about having a side plait or braid in your hair? Plaits aren’t just for schoolgirls. If you have beautiful long thick hair that you’re proud of, why not show it off? You can have winter flowers or ribbons to match your colour scheme woven through to complete the look.

With the darker, richer colours of a winter wedding, you can carry off a more dramatic hairstyle. Just talk to your hairdresser first and experiment with different looks until you find the one you’re happy with!

If you’re looking for more fab beauty advice, why not check out our Wedding Hair and Makeup section for more amazing ideas?



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