10 Wonderful Winter Wedding Hair And Beauty Tips

The hair and beauty experts from Hairtrade.com have listed their top ten tips to help you avoid those hair and beauty hurdles that come with a winter wedding.

Hair and beauty expert Joanne Dodds: “Winter weddings are stunning but they definitely create a few more problems than a summer wedding. Don’t be put off by the potential dangers created by the cold and temperamental weather. From making sure the flowers in your hair can withstand the cold to making sure you’re ready for honeymoon, our tips have got you covered.”


10 Wonderful Winter Wedding Hair And Beauty Tips
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Sensible shoes

Those strappy sandals might look beautiful but are going to be treacherous when dealing with snow, mud and potentially black ice. Have some sensible boots in the car that you can wear if needed.

Flowers in your hair

No wedding is complete without flowers and the current trend is to have as many as possible. If you’re planning on having a floral do make sure you choose winter blossoms that will survive the cold weather without wilting such as snowdrops or winter aconites.

Ditch the dry skin

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Cold weather makes your skin dry out so make sure to drink plenty of water and MOISTURISE your skin before the big day. We recommend advanced cosmeceutical skin care brand La Roche-Posay from premier online beauty hub Escentual.com. The Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Cream works deep on the surface and beneath the pores of the skin to re-plump, protect and intensely re-hydrate ageing skin. If you already have naturally dry skin then tell your make-up artist in advance that it might be worse on the day due to the weather – a nourishing BB cream will help in this instance to bring a natural luminosity back to your bridal glow.

La Roche-Posay cosmeceutical beauty products: Targeted moisturisers for pigmented and/or dehydrated ageing skin.


10 Wonderful Winter Wedding Hair And Beauty Tips
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Get glossy hair

People often relate dry hair with summer when actually it’s cold temperatures that can really cause problems. Use some deep conditioning hair masks in the last two weeks leading up to the big day to keep your hair nourished.

Say no to the sniffles

If your wedding is in a cold month then the chances of having the sniffles are increased. To avoid a red nose on the big day make sure you eat plenty of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system strong and and wash your hands regularly throughout the day.

Snow-related nightmares

There’s always the possibility of something going wrong on the day but in winter the chances are slightly heightened due to the weather. If the worst should happen and your make up artist or hairdresser gets delayed it’s always good to have a backup plan. In this instance make sure you have a make-up whizz of a bridesmaid who knows the look you want and how create it.

10 Wonderful Winter Wedding Hair And Beauty Tips
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Red cheeks

If the cold weather makes your cheeks go a bit rosier than usual then you’ll want to make sure you avoid looking too flushed on the day. Make sure you’re wearing foundation with plenty of coverage and that you have bridesmaids on hand to tell you when to top up.

Keep warm

The importance of having a warm, stylish coat can’t be emphasised enough for a winter wedding. Make sure you have one you love just as much as your dress. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll end up wearing it.

10 Wonderful Winter Wedding Hair And Beauty Tips


Get golden

If you’re fortunate enough to be jetting off somewhere warm for your honeymoon make you might want to apply a tanning product in the run up. Use a gradual fake tan that will look natural and streak-free. Read up on our top DIY tanning tips…

Unpredictable weather

The weather in winter can be even more unpredictable than in the summer. Make it one of your ushers’ job to have an umbrella ready for you at all times and make sure your hair is meticulously set in place to stop it falling out should it become wet.

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