So, you’ve found your groom, and more importantly, you’ve found the dress. With wedding season fast approaching, it’s time to add those all-important final touches. With shoes and jewellery sorted, there’s one last accessory that will ensure you wow on your big day: body confidence.

Barreworks classes are designed to work out your whole body with low impact, high intensity movements that help to lift bottoms, trim thighs and define arms. Because classes promote increased muscle mass and metabolic rate, you’ll even burn calories at rest.

Barreworks workouts also promote beautiful posture, so brides can work towards the entrance of a lifetime. If you can’t make it to the beautiful studio in Richmond, you can enjoy online classes at

However you choose to his the barre, Barreworks founded Vicki Anstey has used her expertise to create some wonder workouts you can enjoy at home to ensure that you look and feel incredible whatever style of dress you’ve chosen.

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Your dress: seductive silk

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You should feel like a goddess if you’re wearing silk on your wedding day, but it can be a little intimidating as it tends to cling. Work towards a perfect posterior and you’ll enjoy the ‘Pippa’ effect!

Your wonder workout: Great glutes

  • Assume a kneeling position on your hands and knees
  • With power, but control, sweep each leg back until you feel your gluteals contract
  • Hold briefly before lowering your knee back down and repeating
  • Start by doing four sets of 30 repetitions
  • If you need more of a challenge, alternate between pointed toes and flexed toes for a deeper gluteal contraction

barreworks-Barreworks Lesson

Your dress: Off the shoulder

This classic neckline never goes out of fashion because it makes every bride feel and look like a romantic heroine. The answer to a lovely décolletage might surprise you!

Your wonder workout: Perfect press ups

  • Begin on your hands and knees with your back flat and straight (this will be easier than having your toes on the floor) making sure that your hands line up to your bust rather than your shoulders to pinpoint your pectorals
  • Hold your tummy muscles tights and keep your back straight while you lower yourself until your chest nearly touches the floor, then return to your starting position by pushing up
  • Aim for four sets of 10 repetitions

Your dress: Spaghetti straps

Popular with brides who like to feel pretty but modern, these beautifully delicate details will draw attention to your upper arms. Tone up this hotspot and you’ll be the envy of all your guests.

Your wonder workout: Upper arm tighteners

  • Set your feet a few inches apart, one in front of the other
  • Step the ball of the rear foot onto a resistance theraband to hold it firmly to the floor
  • Use your arms to hold the other end of the theraband above your head
  • Perform a deep plié by bending your legs but keeping your back upright and straight, while extending your arms upwards above your head.
  • Aim to complete to three sets of 15 repetitions each time you workout

barreworks-Barreworks Lesson 3

Your dress: Above the knee

This refreshing length is cute, quirky and a perfect excuse to buy those showstopping shoes you’ve always wanted. Your secret weapon with this look is killer calves and the added benefit is that they’ll be strong enough for you to dance all night long.

Your wonder workout: Calf raises/relévés

  • A common myth is that exercises for your calves will add bulk, this is not the case! Ballerinas practice relévés regularly for lean muscle tone, strong ankles and well-supported knees!
  • Start with your feet parallel, rise up onto the ball of your foot. Lower your heel firmly back to the floor. Repeat slowly, with full control (neither rolling in or out on the toes) around 10-15 times. On the final relévé, keep your heads raised and perform tiny up/down movements, another 10-15 should do the trick
  • Repeat the above in ballet first position, heels together, with an outward rotation from the top of the thigh down to the toes

barreworks-Barreworks Lesson 2

Your dress: Scooped back

This is a subtly sensual look that plays on the fact that many eyes will be on your back for some time during the wedding ceremony. A toned and defined back is one of the most underrated sexy looks a bride can rock on her big day.

Your wonder workout: Prone back extensions

  • Lay on your front with your chest on the floor
  • Place your finger tips to temples, keep your feet held to the floor and gently use your back extensors to lift your torso off the floor
  • Lay yourself back down with control and repeat 10 to 15 times
  • Top tip: Be aware of how naturally flexible your own spine is, being careful not to over-arch when you lift up

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