Women choosing their engagement ring is becoming a popular trend, but does it take away something special from the proposal?

women-choosing-their-engagement-ring-aloneTraditionally, the groom picks out the ring for his bride, one of the few choices he has to make for the wedding. However, modern bridezillas are trying to take control of this, too, with an increasing number of women choosing their engagement ring.

Should the groom have to choose between the romantic notion of a surprise proposal with a ring, or the safe option of knowing that his bride will love her bling… because she chose it? Or does the whole idea ruin the spirit of the engagement tradition?

If a proposal comes out of the blue, having a ring that the groom chose by himself is very romantic. He could pick something that he knows you will like because you’ve vaguely spoken about it, or he could pick something that you wouldn’t initially go for but you still fall in love with. Having him choose a ring with no involvement or help from the bride does make it more meaningful.


But it might not always work out so well – surprising you with a hand-chosen ring risks a chance of you not liking it.

Some grooms are so worried about picking the wrong style of ring, they don’t propose with a ring at all – instead, he takes the bride ring shopping straight after the proposal… providing she said yes, of course!

Women can be picky, and if there’s one thing she’ll want you to get right, it’s this – the one piece of jewellery she’s going to have to wear for the rest of her life. No pressure then!

If you thought your other half was preparing to propose, would you start dropping hints about the style of ring you liked?

Did your man choose your ring? Or did you choose it yourself? What do you think about women choosing their engagement ring?


  1. Both my partner and I looked at engagement rings online separately. I had hinted at what I liked but then found the perfect ring. We went to the store together a few weeks later to see if they had one I could try on but when getting there it was awful. We then spent a good hour or so looking at the different rings until I picked one i liked, tried it on and my partner loved it too. Needless to say I love my ring.

  2. i don’t think it is a bridezilla trait. Both me and my other half looked at rings and shopped together. I think the process of us choosing the ring together made it all the more special

  3. my fiance proposed with an existing ring of mine that he knew fitted me. it was one i never wore because it only fits my wedding ring finger and wearing it during our relationship before the engagement would have looked presumptuous and others may have asked if we ‘were’. It was always implied that I would wear something smaller that we could both agree on at a later date as the original is a tall solitaire and highly impractical. If the couple communicates effectively in their relationship this sort of adaptation won’t be a problem. Having said that, if your boyfriend proposes with a brand new ring that he has saved and carefully chosen, changing it would be rude and hurtful and is probably symptomatic of other discrepancies in compatability. Changing it up or down in band size for comfort is totally acceptable, however! If it’s an heirloom you have to tread very carefully!!


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