Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Winter Wedding Beauty Must-Haves

We all struggle with dried out and pale skin during the winter months, which is not what you want if you are saying ‘I do’ before Christmas! Here are all the tips you need to get your glow back for your winter wedding. Plus, find expert tips from celebrity makeup artists with their makeup bag must haves that cost less than £10!

All made up

If you’re having a winter wedding, it’s more essential than ever to have your makeup trial in similar conditions to those that your wedding day will bring – think natural light and humidity levels.

Ready, set, go

A good quality finishing spray or setting powder is a must – no bride wants to be hidden away reapplying her makeup when her friends, family and new spouse are waiting for her to celebrate. We recommend Estée Lauder Set + Refresh Perfecting Makeup Mist.

Lay the foundation

When your makeup artist asks you what shade of foundation you usually wear, don’t jump straight for what’s in your makeup bag right now. Skin colour changes subtly with the seasons, so you’ll likely want a lighter shade when it comes to winter.

A wash a day…

Successful skincare is like brushing your teeth – it’s about getting into a regular routine (one that you stick to!) with products you get on well with, to nurture, nourish and clean your skin, ideally not once but twice daily.

Soft touch

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Forget the flannels and head straight for gentler cleansing pads or dedicated mitts instead. Your skin won’t thank you if you’re inadvertently roughing it up every time you cleanse.

Keep track of snacks

You’re not alone if the long nights and colder weather makes you reach for your duvet and comfort food. But, if you want sparkling skin, keep on top of the treats.

Beauty sleep

No skincare regime can surmount nights of neglect, when you’re missing out on essential sleep. Your skin can be even less forgiving in the winter months, so if you want to ditch dull skin, you need to get your eight hours in.

Face up

Facials are an essential for glowy, gorgeous faces. Ask your spa to advise you on what treatments are best. Just no facials right before the big day please, lingering redness is not your friend.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Those two litres of water a day won’t drink themselves. Add cucumber, strawberries or lemon to infuse flavour.

Say yes to SPF

When people go skiing, they come back with a tan – proof that you still need UV protection in winter weather. The same applies at home, so choose foundation with UV protection if you can.


Cold air can be just as bad as hot when it comes to drying your skin out. Give your skin a real boost by applying a night cream before bed, which takes longer to absorb than day options.

And exfoliate!

Dead skin cells do not make for beautiful bridal skin, so build in regular exfoliation to your beauty routine.

Lip balm

If you’re having a winter wedding, it’s essential that you keep your pout perfectly kissable. Lip balm (and lots of it) is the answer.

Hint of self-tan

Winter doesn’t mean you have to be pasty, so give your skin a gentle glow with a touch of self-tan.

Tissues at the ready

Runny noses can strike at the worst moments. Even if you’re sure you won’t, more brides tear up at the end of the aisle than you think… and if you don’t, your bridesmaids probably will!

Powder puff

Correct and conceal dampness around watery eyes with a quick brush of powder.

Go for bronze

Sculpt and define rosy cheeks with a sweep of bronzer to contour.


The wind whips away enough moisture, you don’t need your products helping it out. Alcohol-free options are the ideal fix.

Chill out

Who needs to cool off in winter, right? Wrong. Once you’ve opened up your pores with warm water while you cleanse, it’s essential to close them again. A cold splash of water does the trick.

Get Lippy

There’s always the risk of looking a little washed out in winter. Brighten up your look with a punchier than usual lipstick shade – why not start with berry and brighten or lighten to suit?


Focus on your neck, specifically your lymph glands, for a massage that makes a difference. This can help to improve your circulation, and with better blood flow comes peppier skin. Simple!

Anita Keeling
Celebrity Clientele: Vivienne Westwood, Orla Kelly, Kiera Knightly
“I love Bio-Oil (£8.95, Boots) because its soothing and healing properties can benefit any skin type. Bio-Oil instantly hydrates and tones down any puffiness – perfect if you’ve had a sleepless night. It’s a dry oil, so it sinks in quickly, really softening the skin and providing a perfect base before applying makeup.”

Celeb Makeup Artists' Winter Wedding Worthy Must-Haves
Anita Keeling

Bio-Oil 60ml

Francesca Neill
Celebrity Clientele: Rochelle Humes, Amanda Holden, Louisa Johnson, Alesha Dixon
“I am a massive lover of glowing, radiant looking skin. It’s a fresh look that enhances natural beauty. My all-time favourite beauty product that I always have in my beauty kit is the COLLECTION Speedy Highlighter (£3.99, Boots). It is so universal and handy for popping on your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose and cupids bow, and just gives you that gorgeous glow for added radiance.”

Francesca Neill


Justine Jenkins
Celebrity Clientele: Fearne Cotton, Elinor Tomlinson, Alexa Chung, Laura Whitmore
“I don’t think that I could be without the Dr Organic Skin Clear Tea Tree Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wash (£6.99, Holland & Barrett) as good cleansing is so important for your skin. I am a big advocate of  Dr Organic’s Skin Clear range because it contains great ingredients like tea tree oil, grapefruit extract and salicylic acid, that balance and soothe skin – perfect when prepping for makeup.”

Justine Jenkins

SC Face Wash


Ruth Reynolds
Celebrity Clientele: Mollie King, Chloe Lloyd, Louise Thompson
“The Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 (£9.50, Feel Unique) is the beauty product I can’t be without. I always have it in my beauty kit. It’s great for all times of year, but particularly in the winter when lips are exposed to cold winds and heated buildings, leading them to become dry. Kiehl’s Lip Balm helps condition lips before makeup application, ensuring you have a smooth base for your kiss-proof lipstick.”

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Ruth Reynolds

What is your bridal makeup must-have?