Updo or down-do? Grow your hair or keep it short? There are so many things to think about when you choose that all-important winter wedding hairstyle.

Summer brides have arguably more options with hair flowers and boho ‘dos suiting the season, but what about winter wedding brides? Are there any styles that are simply made for this beautiful season? winter-wedding-hair-ideas-ice-cool-styles-every-bride-to-beWe asked hairstylist, Louise Alway, to reveal her top 5 wedding trend predictions for winter wedding hair…

Old Hollywood Glamour

This is a look I think we’ll be seeing a lot of in the winter wedding season. Think Lana Del Ray and Dita Von Teese – a sleek, glossy, shiny look with an elegant wave. Perfect for long or short hair.

Retro Beehive

A fun, quirky style that lends itself well to a winter wedding. Complete the look with a sparkly diamante or pearl headband, or a simple piece of ribbon is a cost-effective option.

Vintage Waves

A look inspired by the 1920s, the hair is set into pin-curls to give a soft, bouncy, tousled texture. This is a soft, feminine look and very versatile – even for the shortest of hair.

Rope Braid

Plaits and braiding are great to add a different dimension to any updo. A rope braid is a modern, edgy, yet sophisticated and flattering style. Ribbons or material can be woven throughout the plait to finish the look. This style is often chosen by summer brides, but I think it could work well for a winter wedding, too.

Classic Pony Tail/Chignon

This timeless look is extremely simple and classic. This winter sees a sleeker take on this style with a low side parting. The ends of the hair can either be left loose in a pony tail or placed into a smooth chignon, depending on the neckline of your dress.

So what do you think of these winter wedding hair ideas? What style have you chosen for your big day?

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