Winter honeymoon Ideas: Best Destinations October to March

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of a Winter wedding and plans are under way for all the best bits that come with the colder months, we couldn’t agree more with how romantic this time of year can be! Where some of the best winter wedding ideas just aren’t possible in the summertime, if you’re dreaming of a crisp white wedding, it’s hard to rival the authenticity of a rural snowy scene, crisp winter skies made all the more inviting with traditional log fire lit evenings, too!

With your date set from October right through to march, Exploring This Rock have recommended the 5 best winter honeymoon ideas and destinations to follow your winter wedding and why these are at their prime, now!



Winter honeymoon Ideas: Best 5 Destinations From October to March
St Mark’s Square

Winter is a great time to visit Venice, the temperatures will be a lot lower so expect to wear fur hats and coats, but as the tourists departs the locals come out to enjoy the city. The prices come down in the restaurants and you get the best tables and views.

This isn’t just one town, it’s actually just 118 small islands all connected by canals and is unusual in the fact it has no roads. Where your sat by the canals enjoying a lovely meal or taking a gondola ride with your special other half, Venice really is a romantic honeymoon destination.

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The best plan to have when exploring Venice is not to have a plan. There are just to many side streets with awesome cafes, or little historical buildings to explore. Just head out with your with your other half and explore the city. Pick up a local guide map if you don’t feel to secure about wondering a strange city, but once you get a hang of the canals and islands its actually pretty easy to navigate.

While you won’t get the sun, you will get to experience the city like a local.



The Maldives

Winter honeymoon Ideas: Best 5 Destinations From October to March

A paradisaical Island that makes it onto our list is The Maldives in particular. Our Winter time in the UK is the perfect time to visit these stunning islands. Its quite easy to see why these are arguably the most popular honeymoon destinations. You have a wide range of islands and accommodations types to pick from, whether you want a 5 star all inclusive hotel or a hut over the sea, these islands have everything you could possibly want.

The best time of the year to visit is Late October to March when sunshine and temperature is consistent. April to September is their rain and monsoon season, so while you may still get wonderful weather it’s more of a gamble.

There is plenty to do, as you can image being a group of small islands most things involve the sea – this is perfect for the water babies and activity goers. For something truly spectacular during your stay and fit for an infectiously romantic evening, dine at the 5 star underwater restaurant just off of Rangali Island with the local sea life above your head…


The British Virgin Island

Winter honeymoon Ideas: Best 5 Destinations From October to March

A group of around 60 Islands and part of the British Overseas territory in the Caribbean, The British Virgin Islands most certainly fit the bill at this time of year for the idyllic honeymooners adventure. The islands themselves are stunning places to visit, activities aplenty as well as celebrity spotting and golden white beaches to tick the essential relaxation box. No chain hotels mean, it may take you a little longer to decide where to settle on the islands but you can guarantee it will be totally unique. Do your research on the most popular islands to find out which one tempts you the most.

The best time to visit these Island’s is between January and March – so as Britain is in single digit weather you will be enjoying temperatures in the high 20s.


Lapland – Finland

For those of you who really love Winter and wish to continue the seasonal theme for your honeymoon too, there are plenty of colder destinations (yes, the cold can be fun, too!) that are renowned winter destinations for a reason and will complete your fairytale together…

Experience romance wrapped up a little warmer together, above the Arctic circle and beneath the glowing green curtain of The Northern Lights. The northernmost region of Finland, Lapland is peppered with desirable hotspots, ski resorts and natural phenomena. Plucked straight out of a storybook, deep within the icing sugar forests, the homeland of Father Christmas pulls out every stop you could possibly imagine. Witness the magic of Lapland here at it’s most festive time between November and March.

Winter honeymoon Ideas: Best 5 Destinations From October to March


Let the land of fire and ice open your eyes to dancing skies like you’ve never seen before… Whether you are a hard core explorer or want to dip your toe into the Sami culture with a winter getaway filled with star-studded night skies and snowy tunnel dome luxury bedroom suites, this place will get you right there. Depending on your budget you can book inclusive packages to take you via main attractions and sights like the Ice Hotel, Golden Circle, ice caving and other luxury hideouts to retreat along the way. Alternatively you can explore at your own leisure with a self-drive tour on the Icelandic ring road with plenty of recommendations when planning your trip to fulfil adventure, scenery and natural rejuvenation.

Catch the best that the Northern Lights has to offer here too from September / October and February / March.

Where will your honeymoon adventure take you in the winter time? Hot or cold climate?