Now the question has been popped and a new ring graces your finger, you’re officially part of the wedding club!

And whether you’ve been secretly planning on Pinterest for years or all-things weddings are totally new to you, there’s one thing every couple planning their wedding has in common: wedmin.

Just how do you tackle planning the biggest event of your lives?

Remember it’s wedmin, not admin

And what are weddings all about? Love, happiness, and lifelong commitment – all celebrated with plenty of Champagne. Invoices, spreadsheets and to-do lists will rarely fill you with excitement, but the elements of your special day that they represent will do, so try to focus on them.

Why not treat some stages of your planning as excuses for Champagne or luxury nibbles and chocolates too? Tackling your seating plan for the fifth time will be much more enjoyable when there’s bubbly to go with it…

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Ready to save yourselves time, money and heartbreak when you're planning your wedding? Then these 5 winning wedmin strategies are for you!


The early bird catches the worm (and saves money!)

If you only take one of these wedmin strategies away with you, make it this one. Even if your wedding date is two or three years away, start to source your suppliers and get quotes.

Getting your wedmin in order and booking early is brilliant for two reasons. First, because you’ll have more suppliers to choose from the further in advance you’re looking. Some of the best florists and photographers are booked for two years in advance, so don’t risk missing out because you left planning a little too late.

Second, because suppliers like the security of being booked up well beyond the current season. This might mean there’s room to negotiate special deals for early booking or get next year’s flowers at this year’s rates. Your budget could go further (and those gorgeous Jimmy Choos might be much more achievable!).


Give it time

There’s a reason being a wedding planner is a full-time job, but you’ve likely already got one of those, which is why it’s ultra important to give yourselves plenty of time.

Rather than leaving lots of tasks to the last minute (cue late nights, bickering and pre-wedding stress), allocate yourself different tasks to complete each week or month and you’ll find your wedmin a breeze.

You can take it a step further by batching related tasks together. Try responding to all supplier queries or updating your invoices list in one go. You’ll save time because you’ll already be in the right mindset for that particular task.


Ready to save yourselves time, money and heartbreak when you're planning your wedding? Then these 5 winning wedmin strategies are for you!


Know when to let go

If your dream supplier is fully booked, your venue falls through or your Pinterest dress is over budget, please, please don’t let that bring on a bridezilla-esque meltdown.

Remember why you’re planning a wedding in the first place to put your disappointments into perspective. You’re celebrating your love for each other and making a massive commitment. In the face of a lifetime of marriage, will you even remember that you didn’t get your first choice florist? Our featured brides tell us that so long as you’re married by the end of the day, your wedding went perfectly. Let the small niggles go!



They’re not sexy, but they are oh-so necessary. From dividing up your budget and tracking your guest list RSVPs, to detailing all of your suppliers and payment dates, spreadsheets  are one of the most used wedmin strategies around – and for good reason.

Just getting started? You’ll love our guest list tracker, budget planner and more free wedmin tools right here.


What are your winning wedmin strategies?