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This fabulous Willy Wonka wedding theme really does compare to pure imagination – A fun-filled, purple theme that’s sure to make you smile!


WHO: Sarah and Mark

WHERE: St Michael’s Church and Combermere Abbey, Shropshire

WHEN: September 2011

PHOTOS: Yana Photography

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The proposal

“It wasn’t love at first sight!” laughs Sarah. “My first memory of Mark was when we were at junior school together, I was teasing him about something, to which he stood up and shouted; ‘I hate girls!’”

Through school and university we remained friends, and both agreed if we weren’t married by the time we were 30, we’d marry each other! For Mark’s birthday we went to a dog-friendly B&B called the Wensleydale Heifer taking our puppy, and it was while we were out walking her by the river Mark popped the question,” she adds.

The bride’s outfit

“After trying on lots of different styles of dress (because I had no idea what I wanted!) I went back to the first gown I tried on (typical!), which was a Benjamin Roberts dress, style 1007,” explains Sarah. “It was full enough to make it feel fairytale, but still fitted me beautifully without being too heavy. It was also a really reasonable price, coming in at under £1,000,” she adds.

“My first memory of Mark was when we were at junior school together, I was teasing him about something, to which he stood up and shouted; ‘I hate girls!’”


The groom’s outfit

“We used a shop recommended by a friend called Off The Cuff Menswear, and they were so lovely and informative in helping us choose traditional tails for Mark,” remembers Sarah. To fit in with their Willy Wonka wedding theme, Sara said “He also wore a top hat and carried a cane, which he loved!”

The bridesmaids

“I had a harem!” smiles Sarah. The older girls wore dresses from Debenhams, and the younger ones from Monsoon’s wedding range.

The ceremony

“This was, without doubt, our favourite part of the day,” recalls Sarah. “In order to marry in our particular church, we had to attend on numerous Sundays before the event and go to a marriage preparation course – but it only helped to make the ceremony more personal, especially as our vicar knew us so well.”


The flowers

“These were put together by a family friend who really bought into my Willy Wonka wedding theme,” explains Sarah. “The little bridesmaids had lollipops made out of wire with flowers entwined on them, while my bouquet was more traditional. Sheila used orchids and flowers from good friends’ gardens.”

The decor

Lots of sweets were the order of the day for the brilliant Willy Wonka wedding theme. “My Dad made some metal trees for centrepieces, which I decorated with fake sweets and candy canes. Every sweet was handmade – it took hours and a lot of polystyrene packaging and cellophane!” says Sarah.

The honeymoon

“We knew we wanted a trip of a lifetime, and chose South Africa with activities organised through Trailfinders,” says Sarah. “We even got to plant an olive tree with a name plaque next to it, in celebration of our marriage!”

Sarah and Mark’s fabulous Willy Wonka wedding theme gallery

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  1. Hi there!
    My husbands family have a small chocolate and fudge factory in St Ives, so we couldn’t resist having a Willy WOnka Themed wedding!
    My Husband had all the trimmings – I think his suit cost more than my dress! Most things including his cane and top hat had to come from the states …he even made sure he had a tin whistle!
    With real Oompa Loompas and 7 ft candy canes and 6ft lollipops that my husband and his best man made in our garage, and hundreds of wooden toadstools around, candy tied to every branch and tree, bubble machines and smoke machine hidden around the bushes, walking through the gates they’d made was amazing. Speakers around the field belted out the tunes from the film as you entered through the golden Wonka gates. Most of it, I hadn’t even seen until the day.
    Most of our friends / guests had children and so we wanted them to be able to relax – a hotel wasn’t for us. The bright pink marquee was stuffed with huge cushions and blankets for the parents to put the kids down whilst they carried on dancing in to the night.
    To go with the laid back feel, there were no seating arrangements, just picnic benches laden with more treats, and a good quality BBQ with local Sardines and Cornish steaks. We wanted that sunday BBQ atmosphere.
    Even our amazing florist got in the mood weaving golden chocolate coins and candy canes in to the floral arrangements.
    Absoltuely TOTALLY perfect!
    One of my husbands bestfriends’ girlfriend was coming in late and needed picking up from the station …so we asked the oompa loompas if they’d collect her! I’d love to have seen the passengers on the trains faces – and hers – when they turned up!

    Please feel free to visit; Mark and Natalie’s Willy Wonka Wedding on facebook 🙂

  2. …ooh forgot! Our wedding invitiations were real chocolate bars with the golden ticket inside! …and of course, a warning on the side: “wedding may contain nuts” 🙂


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