Will you kiss for the camera? Well you’re one of few in Britain according to new research from Sticky9. In fact, they’ve found Brits to be averse to any type of ‘printed displays of affection’ – the new PDA.

It’s no secret that Britain are known for being pretty rubbish for romantic gestures in comparison to our European peers, but this new research showing the lack of ‘couple shots’ shows us to be more extreme than ever!

kiss-for-camera-adamowicz.co.uk Elizabeth + Graham {Pembroke Lodge Wedding)-652

There’s no doubt that Britain is a snap-happy nation, is there? Thanks to smartphones, we are able to capture every memorable moment with ease – posting to social media and sharing with friends and family.

But as we take more photos than every, only the very best make the cut to be displayed around the house, right? Well this research shows that under one out of every seven photographs printed is of us with our better halves.

In addition, Sticky9 found that we’re over three times as likely to print out pictures of our family and friends (54%) – making up over half of all photos printed, with only a sad 15% of photos being us coupled up! We’re hoping your wedding album will make the difference here…

kiss-for-camera-jasonfryphotography.com Michelle-Simon-408

Sticky9 is calling for couples across the country to buck the trend, embrace the printed display of affection and celebrate their relationship, printing out their favourite memory from summer 2015!

Oh come on, you know you want to really…


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