Here comes the bride, there goes the deposit… Nineteenth century country manor? Check. Ivory laced wedding dress? Check. Four tier chocolate ganache cake? Check. Uncle Tony briefed on the correct etiquette in front of guests? Check.

So much time, energy and money goes into planning your wedding that it should be a treasured occasion remembered for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, no matter how cautiously you arrange, book and hire every aspect of your up-coming nuptials, fate follows a different rule book. Before you know it your perfect dream could turn into a total nightmare at the drop of a top hat!


But fear not My Wedding Insurance is a specialist provider offering comprehensive packages to protect you against the unexpected, softening the blow in the event of wedding woes. We have years of experience and seen our fair share of disastrous days to give you food for thought.

With the average wedding now costing around £20,000^ and the venue, honeymoon, rings and catering making a hefty dent in your funds, it’s little surprise that 27%* of the most common claims on home shores are for lost supplier deposits. We’ve witnessed a certain case involving a no-show supplier suffering a seizure on the morning of the big day, which was covered by our insurance.

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If you choose to tie the knot outside the UK, the photographs and videos capturing every moment is the top cause for claims abroad at 25%* – could you really afford to lose those precious memories? However, it doesn’t matter where you wed when it comes to the cancellation and rearrangement of the ceremony, causing headaches for over 20%* of our claimants due to fires, floods and in one example a foreign venue owner being deported!

Regardless of reason, we’ve been on hand to help and support in worst case scenarios and can provide you with no-fuss protection. From lost Supplier Deposits, Cancellations, Rearrangements, Public Liability and more, the safeguard of having a committed insurer by your side can go a long way in avoiding financial duress at troublesome times.

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My Wedding Insurance can protect your perfect day in the UK and overseas up to two years before the date. There are four set packages to choose from or you can create a bespoke policy to cater for your individual needs and budget. Premiums start with a one-off payment from as little as £16.45, so our insurance doesn’t have to break the bank.

Avoid costly catastrophes and enjoy your special day to the full by saying “I do” to My Wedding Insurance.

*source: E&L/, all wedding insurance claims from 1st January 2014 – 31st December 2014.