A BBQ always guarantees a good turn out – it’s the nation’s favourite way to cook because it’s sociable, an excuse for inviting more people along that you have seats for, and officially marks the beginning of summer.

Chillisauce recently survey 1,000 people across the UK and the statistics revealed that Monday the 25th of May is the most popular day of the year to have a BBQ. So they put together 5 tips you should remember if you’re planning to serve BBQ food at your summer wedding…

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Embrace team work

The best thing about having a BBQ for your wedding is that it gives you a really laid-back, summery vibe, so embrace the chilled out atmosphere and encourage trusted guests and family members to each take an hour on the grill adding a fun, sociable element to the day.

Don’t rely on the grill

There’s so much more to BBQing than grilling a few burgers; try getting BBQs with a lid and slow cooking some pulled pork or beef, for meat that really melts in the mouth. This technique means your food will be ready whenever you want it, perfect for a proper party after the ceremony.


Have fun with the theme

Embrace the non-traditional BBQ route by having a bit of fun with the theme; guests will love cute, personalised bibs to stop them from getting that delicious rib sauce on their outfits, and why not give them some BBQ sauce in a jar as a cute wedding favour?

Think outside the box

Go for some more unusual choices than burgers and sausages to add an extra touch of class to your day. Why not swap pork rips for lamb, and serve them up with a delicious mint yoghurt dip?

Enjoy the embers

A BBQ wedding allows for some more trendy pudding options than the traditional wedding cake; try smores cooked over the dying embers at the end of dinner, or opt for individual British trifles and ice cream sundaes!

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For extra inspiration, here are three great recipes to make your wedding BBQ extra special:

Lamb ribs and mint yoghurt dip

Smoke, grill, or broil your ribs to mouth-watering perfection, and serve them up with a mint yoghurt dip, which is super easy to make – simply combine natural yoghurt with either freshly chopped mint, or a healthy dollop of mint sauce.

Mini caprese burgers

A really good veggie-alternative to the burger, and you can serve them cold so they can be made in advance! Layer a thick slice of tomato with fresh basil and good quality mozzarella in a mini burger bun (brioche works really well!) and serve either with a cocktail stick through the centre, or wrapped in a rustic gingham napkin.

Rosemary skewers

Spice up your meat and vegetable kebabs by swapping the wooden skewer for long sprig of rosemary – this works particularly well for grilled peppers and lamb.

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