We love to see a bit of a handmade touch in weddings, and that’s why we are certainly not complaining about the rise of the DIY wedding these days…

A survey conducted by new party decor provider, HelloParty.com found that fewer than one fifth of weddings do not feature any do-it-yourself touches, with the vast majority of newlyweds relying on the method to save a bit of money, add that oh-so-special personal touch, and to make sure everything is done the way you want it.

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When the newlyweds were asked to reveal which items were made or altered through do-it-yourself means, they found the most common DIY details to be the favours, invitations, and the wedding cake. The more unusual answers included the wedding dress (9%), the music or entertainment (6%), and even conducting the service or ceremony (2%)!

Here are the top 10 DIY details at weddings:

  • Favours – 41%
  • Invitations – 38%
  • Wedding cake – 24%
  • Venue decorations/styling – 21%
  • Photography – 19%
  • Flowers – 18%
  • Catering – 15%
  • Order of service prints – 14%
  • Guest book – 13%
  • Beverages – 11%
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Gerry Connolly, founder of Hello Party! commented: “It’s great to see that so many brides and grooms-to-be are drawing on their own talents, and no doubt those around them, to make their big day their own. It is lovely to be able to make your wedding special and unique to you by having real input into it.

DIY is not for everyone, though, and if you’re starting to feel a little overloaded or panicked, you need to make sure you have time to put your feet up too! It’s okay to get some outside help, but be sure you can trust the suppliers and that they can help you make your dreams a reality.”

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If you’re looking for some fabulous decor, be sure to check out HelloParty.com! And have a look at our DIY Wedding section for a little bit of creative inspiration, and be bang on this wedding trend.