A wedding abroad can raise a lot of issues – how many people can you invite? How much will it cost? How easy will it be to plan? We’ve caught up with two real brides who used Kefalonia Weddings to help them plan their dream days abroad to see how easy it really is…


“We never wanted a big white wedding”

“Our wedding abroad was perfect. We never wanted the big white wedding, and when we started planning we realised it just wasn’t for us!,” says real bride Sarah, who married Jonathan in May 2013. “My mum asked me, what my ideal wedding day would be and my response was Mamma Mia! and so that’s just what we did.”


“Our favourite thing about marrying in Kefalonia has to be the location itself, for a lot less money than you’d spend if marrying in the UK you get a location that is perfect for you – the views, the weather and, best of all, if you choose a wedding planner then you have everything done for you, so your day is so relaxed.”



“Donna was amazing, Kefalonia weddings were fantastic, and they got everything right – or better than expected. I loved the personal touch, the fact that Donna spent the entire wedding with us and danced with us into the early hours. Donna just listened to what we wanted and provided all that and more – with a smile!”


“We wanted good weather and a small guest list”

“As soon as my husband, Chris, popped the question, we began to organise our perfect day,” explains real bride Katherine. “However, there was a hitch! One condition on getting married is that it wouldn’t happen in a church! Luckily, neither of us are religious and didn’t want the big white wedding with everyone that we’ve ever said hello to seeing us walk down the aisle.”


“We began looking for foreign destinations as we were guaranteed good weather, and could keep the ceremony close and intimate, with only those who meant the very most to us being there. I have always loved the Greek islands, so we did a trusty Google search for weddings on the island of Kefalonia. Who should be the first link to come up? Kefalonia Weddings!”


“Donna made everything so easy for us from the very first email. I felt in totally capable hands from day one and she made our wedding perfect. From answering random emails about colour choices at silly o’clock at night, to helping take decorations down zillions of steps to our private beach on the day itself, to helping us have Greek gyros (yes, really!) as our wedding meal, Donna did it all.”


“I didn’t even see my flowers until a few hours before the ceremony, but I wasn’t worried in the slightest. Donna also gave us some great advice, like moving the ceremony from 4pm to 6pm – a very wise idea considering the weather in mid August! On the day itself, everything was gorgeous and wonderfully fuss free! Everything was done and sorted by mid morning. A totally stress-free experience!”


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