Wedding photo booths are one of the hottest reception entertainment ideas right now but what makes them so special? We caught up with real-life wedding couple Liz and Sam to find out why the Groovybooth made their party so memorable – for them and their guests…


“After 10  years of being together, Sam finally popped the question and asked me to be his wife (phew),” says Liz. “Having taken a somewhat modern route to marriage (house and child first), we knew that our wedding would be anything but traditional.”


“In fact, we wanted our wedding to reflect all the things we love in our lives and, perhaps even more importantly, we wanted it to be fun for all of our guests. The photographs were a big aspect of this for us. We had spent so many occasions over the years waiting with the rest of the wedding guests in various halls and corridors at people’s weddings, while the bride and groom went off for hours on end to stage faux pictures of themselves in front of some random flower bush.”

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“We didn’t want our guests to endure this boredom, nor did we want to miss out on hours of our wedding – we wanted to be a part of every minute! So, when we came across Groovybooth, we thought it would be a great way to encapsulate the personalities of our friends and family on our big day.”

“Booking our four-hour slot was really easy,” explains Liz. “We filled in the booking form online, asked for as many props as possible, paid a deposit and it was confirmed on the same day. James from Groovybooth arrived two hours before we wanted our guests to be using it and set it up discreetly in the background, while we feasted at our tables.”


“It wasn’t a straight forward job for Groovybooth as our wedding was in a marquee in the middle of a field in Arundel (and it had been raining for some hours the day before), but James set everything up without any fuss at all.”

“We choose to have two sets of each print so that each guest could keep a copy of their own photo and then put the other one in to an album for us. We had a table next to the booth with some glue, pens and an album and asked everyone to fill it in as the evening progressed. It was an absolute hit on the night – so much more fun than we ever could have imagined.”


“We had a code afterwards so that everyone could see the pictures online and download them,” adds Liz. “The best bit by far, though, was looking through them a few weeks after our wedding and crying with laughter at all the brilliant combinations of people who had streamed in to the Groovybooth at some point during the course of our wedding.”

“Needless to say the pictures towards the back of the album, representing the end of the night, were some of the best!  It really was a great memento and we love looking at them and remembering our amazing day.”

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