Why Is It Called A Honeymoon?!

Many legends dating back to early AD suggest a number of ideas and traditions behind the wedding holiday being called a honeymoon. The honeymoon represents one of the most traditional elements of the whole wedding and one that will NEVER go out of fashion, even today. But what does this newlywed term actually mean?!


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The post-wedding holiday or what is most commonly known as the ‘honeymoon’ amazingly originates from the Old English term ‘hony moone‘. ‘Hony‘ meaning honey, symbolised the sweetness of marriage and the European custom to supply newlyweds with the month-long lasting alcoholic liquor called mead made with fermented honey and water. ‘Moone‘ was believed to have referred to the body’s monthly cycle, combined with the honey, suggested that not ALL moon’s of married life were to be as sweet as the first! This is why you will often hear the term ‘honeymoon period’!


How long does the honeymoon phase last?

In an ideal world we wouldn’t ever reach an end to the honeymoon period . But when the initial newlywed excitement begins to fade, the realities of a not-so-plain-sailing marriage will start to dawn on you as early as a year after the big day. Yes the whirlwind that was your wedding day was the peak of your marriage but loss of that excitement shouldn’t be mistaken for the loss of love! You have only just begun your journey together! You will continue to learn more about one another and be reminded of the reason you came together in the first place!

If you have hit that post-honeymoon phase it never hurts to remind yourself of these 7 struggles only married couples will understand and why they are totally normal!


History of the Honeymoon: Image credit Unsplash


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Where will you start your life and husband and wife?!

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