Eloise Fuggle, Wedding Co-ordinator at Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa answers the question: why do brides wait for winter?

Out of season weddings have grown in popularity over the last decade, with brides choosing to get married between November and March instead of the traditional spring and summer months, but why?

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Historically brides would choose a winter wedding to save money as venues often lower their prices during the colder months; however there are now a number of reasons individuals choose to have their wedding out of season.

With winter weddings you can be flexible with the colour palette you choose as the majority of colour schemes work. Whether you use bold reds and rich purples or pale pastels, silver and creams, they all compliment the neutral months of wintertime and help create your perfect wonderland.

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The weather is a concern for all brides, however by having your wedding out of season you are already prepared for the worst. Many of us will associate winter with cold, dark nights snuggled close to the one you love and this can be used to your advantage at your winter wedding, helping to create a naturally romantic setting.

You can dress your wedding reception with low lighting and candles inside, and fairy lights on the exterior, creating a magical atmosphere.

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Tip: if you are looking for your perfect winter venue look out for open fireplaces, nothing encapsulates a picture-perfect romantic evening more than a roaring fire.

With winter weddings, meals can be a lot richer as guests want food that is going to keep them warm. If you’re having a winter wedding why not create your own warm winter cocktail for guests to enjoy – there are many options to consider other than the traditional mulled wine or winter Pimm’s!

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Tip: When searching for your ideal winter venue, look at places that can host the ceremony, reception and offers accommodation. For guests, having everything under one roof means that at the end of a long day they don’t have to step outside into the winter’s night but can simply climb the stairs to bed.

If nothing else, your winter wonderland will always be remembered, your wedding will stand out from all others held during the spring or summer. Guests are more likely to be available without summer holidays or other weddings to attend and it will provide them with a reason to be excited about winter, brightening up those dark days.

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So if you are unsure when to hold your special day, make it magical and wait for winter. Don’t forget to check out Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa!