Traditionally, speeches have always been made by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. Three blokes and only one of them was meant to be funny. The traditional etiquette can work a treat an may be a great fit for your wedding. However, if you’re keen to give more of the women a voice, then we’re here to tell you who does wedding speeches from the bridal party.

bride-wedding-speech-Who Does Wedding Speeches From the Bridal Party?

Who Does Wedding Speeches From the Bridal Party?

The Bride

It’s fair enough if you’d prefer to sit back, quaff the fizz and take in all the compliments. However, if you’re feeling more vocal then there are no rules against you getting up and sharing some choice words. Guests tend to love it as it’s often unexpected. If your wedding is a fairly big gig then it’s also a great way to share your thanks with everyone, in case you don’t make it round them all.

However, if you can’t tackle the nerves to give a solo speech, consider giving a joint Mr & Mrs speech. Your groom might jump at the chance of taking the pressure off him.

The Mothers

Maybe your dad isn’t around or maybe you just think your mum would love the opportunity to get a word in. We also find the mother of the groom generally has a lot to say so consider all options. Whether it’s the mums or the dads, reassure them that their speech doesn’t need to be long.

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The old or the Young

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It’s lovely to have a quirky speaker in the line-up, someone who has absolutely no etiquette to follow. We heard a great speech by an 89-year-old grandpa; there were no formalities, no toast but a few good anecdotes and a great sense of love and affection. Another idea is considering a younger speaker to do a short reading.

Maid of Honour

Already very popular in America, we’re now seeing more maid of honour speeches over here too. Some are sweet and some much funnier than the best man’s effort. We’ve all seen the film Bridesmaids (if you haven’t we need to talk) which provides a lesson in how not to give a Maid of Honour speech. Encourage funny, punchy and touching speeches only.

bridesmaids movie speech


You may want to opt for no formal speeches but welcome anyone to raise a toast to you. This takes the pressure off the traditional speakers. It can also help solve some of the moral crisis that can result from complicated family set-ups. Be warned though, by the time the table wine has been drunk, there may be a lot of people wanting to get involved.

Speaking to the Speakers

Finally, once you’ve decided who you’d like to give a speech it’s time to let everyone know. We wouldn’t recommend ‘dropping’ a traditional speaker unless you know they’d appreciate being let off the hook but encouraging them to keep it short and sweet is perfectly acceptable.

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