The bride has her dream dress and the bridesmaids are sorted too. The Groom is kitted out  with a perfectly tailored suit; let’s not forget about your Groom’s party! Bespoke tailors ‘A suit that Fits’ are here to make sure that your Groom’s party look equally the part as you do! – (well almost!)

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Start with the colour

Decide on a colour scheme with your Groom! – Although your Groom and his party’s suits will probably be a sober colour like grey, you may want to add a touch of colour courtesy of the ties, a pocket handkerchief or waistcoats. You don’t want these accessories to clash horribly with the bridesmaids’ dresses or the bride’s bouquet! They should fit in with the scheme by accenting colour details or shadowing similar shades of the same colour.

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Versatility of Groomsmen Suits

Look for suits that can be used again and again, for special occasions or work. That way your groomsmen can get value for money out of the investment. Avoid demanding that they all wear 100% matching suits, with matching accessories – that’s just going to make them all look like overgrown toddlers.The key to creating the perfect groomsmen’s outfits is to harmonise rather than match; they want to blend in as a group, not look absolutely identical.

The right accessories can make an Outfit

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With a (very) special occasion like a wedding, people are often tempted to go over the top and try to make a grand statement. However, it’s often the little touches that make an outfit. Something as simple as a pocket square or as subtle as a pair of cufflinks can be all that’s needed to finish off the groomsmen’s look. People may not even realise what is making the guys look great; they just know that something is really working. It’s also an inexpensive way of customising their look if they’re wearing their own suits or rented outfits.

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Opt for a Tailored Jacket 

Instead of investing in a full suit for each of the groomsmen, you can opt for a tailored jacket. This will ensure that they sport a perfectly fitted jacket that is oh so flattering – it’ll make them feel great! It’s hard to find a jacket off-the-peg that fits perfectly, as men’s bodies vary just as much as women’s bodies do. So having a garment tailored to fit their proportions creates the perfect flattering fit.

Timing for Choosing and Purchasing Suits 

Men tend to be more relaxed than female guests or members of the wedding party when it comes to choosing and purchasing their outfits. So encourage your groomsmen not to leave it to the last minute if they’re going to be buying or renting a suit. Waiting too long means that they’ll panic and choose something unflattering, or find that there’s nothing left in the store that fits them!

Flexibility for the Groomsmen 

It’s best not to make too many specific demands, such as that the groomsmen must purchase a particular suit. They’re not going to be too happy if your groom turns into a groomzilla (yes, it’s not just brides who can become monsters) and issues a long list of demands that they must conform to. Give them some flexibility, and try to be accommodating so that they won’t have to spend too much money or can use an existing suit.

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Grooms shouldn’t feel that it’s unimportant how you and your groomsmen look compared to the bride and bridesmaids; it’s worth you and the Groom spending some time deciding on how you want your groomsmen to look! – They are part of the bigger picture that will add to the overall style of the wedding and will be in a lot of traditional group shot photographs! Do consult them as well; they’re not just mannequins forming a backdrop, and they need to feel comfortable! It’s also a courtesy to involve them in making the decisions, especially if they’re buying their own outfits. And remember that it’s your Groom’s big day as well – let his happiness make him feel (and look) a million dollars!

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