watch-the-video-below-buttonIt’s fair to say stag parties have a reputation for being more than a little raucous. Most of the time, it’s just harmless fun with plenty of drinking, dancing and pranking. But every so often things can get a little bit out of hand. We caught up with Mike Chidzey from stag party planners Chillisauce to ask him what could possibly go wrong?

Here at Chillisauce we’re lucky enough to speak to hundreds of excitable stags and hens every day, planning their perfect parties. You never tire of hearing people describe one of the best weekends of their lives, so it’s easy to stay passionate about this industry, but as well as hearing the good, we also hear the bad… sometimes the really bad.

Here are our top 10 favourite stories of when stag dos go wrong…

Shingle bells

Coming back from a stag do with a disease is often a difficult one to explain to the other half. Luckily for Ollie McAninch there was nothing sordid behind his stag-enforced illness. But unluckily for Ollie, he wound up contracting a really rather painful bout of stress-induced shingles in what was the ultimate stag prank fail.

It came about after his pesky friends abducted him, gagged him and drove him more than 100 miles to Devon before forcing him to undertake a long-distance bike ride wearing nothing but a Borat-style mankini. To add insult to injury, even his fiancee was in on the joke. With friends like these…

Bath time

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A lesson for all in the virtues of staying within the law, especially when you’re partying in foreign lands. Back in 2007, Steven Mullone was tackled with his tackle out after being caught skinny dipping in a fountain in Bratislava. Good clean fun, you might think, but the judge disagreed, sentencing him to two months in jail. He made it back for the big day by the skin of his teeth, otherwise he could have been in even more trouble with his other half.

Joke up in flames

Joking around on an aircraft is never advisable, especially when that joke involves naked flames. A Monarch flight from Manchester to Majorca had to make an emergency landing at Gatwick during the summer of 2012 after a 24-year-old man set his friend’s hair alight as part of a stag party stunt.

Not only did he scare the hell out of everyone else and cause the flight to be diverted. The “disruptive passenger” responsible was then arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft when they touched down.

Eyes on the prize

Many stag partygoers might have blurry vision by the time they stumble into a strip club. But one reveller was reportedly left permanently seeing double after being accidently kicked in the eye by a stripper’s high heel.

Michael Ireland from South Florida won $650,000 in a settlement for the injuries he suffered following the incident in 2008, so he’ll have plenty more dollar notes to stuff down lap-dancers’ underwear in future. Plus, he’ll pretty much be getting two for the price of one if his vision hasn’t cleared up.


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Dumped naked on the roadside in scorching temperatures, handcuffed and drenched in eggs, flour and tomato sauce, one groom and his best man had to be rescued by police, even making the news on the BBC. They were left feeling more than a little red faced and sore, suffering severe sunburn after being left to frazzle alongside the road as they travelled back from Bournemouth to Wales. Phew, what a scorcher.

Hens on the loose

Hassling birds on a night out is what most stag parties get up to on their weekend away. This group took that meaning a little too literally however, when two brothers took six live chickens along with them for the weekend in Bournemouth back in 2011.

But things didn’t end well for the chickens or the pranksters when the rest of the party decided to set them free in the car park. Two of the birds were found dead, two were never seen again and two were found in a terrified state by the RSPCA. The brothers responsible were given a hefty fine under the Animal Welfare Act.

Back, sack and cracked

Everyone wants to look good for their wedding day, right? Well, according to this tale, one lucky groom-to-be was treated to some beauty treatment during his stag weekend, with his so-called mates taking him to a salon to have his body hair removed, including the infamous ‘back, sack and crack’ treatment.

Rather than coming out looking smoother than Hulk Hogan’s legs, he ended up with a rather nasty reaction to the waxing, which left him unable to consummate his marriage on the wedding night.

What goes on tour… doesn’t always stay on tour

If you’re not happy about not getting your damage deposit back following a somewhat lairy stag weekend, it’s probably best to think it through before you complain to your bride-to-be. One outraged fiancée publicly leapt to her man’s defence, complaining to a hotel in Waterford, Ireland, on Facebook and labelling them as scam artists for not returning the visiting group’s money.

Not willing to have their company name dragged through the mud, hotel staff responded by telling her in no uncertain terms exactly what had gone on during the weekend, with the account including a female visitor to the hotel room, the whiff of suspicious substances and an assault on hotel staff. Their hilarious yet empathetic response unsurprisingly went viral and even made the headlines. It’s fair to say the truth probably hurt.


It’s nice to know some people still have some sense of civic responsibility. So when a horrified mother and daughter saw four masked men bundling a tied-up man into a car, they naturally called the police. The police officers were probably more than a little miffed when they came to the rescue, pulling over two cars on the motorway in Somerset last summer, only to discover the victim was merely the victim of a stag do wind-up. It ended up with a stern message from the force about such pranks.

Nuns on the run

If you’re going to dress up as nuns, then prepare to face the consequences if you don’t match their saintly behaviour. A group of men on a football tour from Bristol aged from 18 all the way to 65 were arrested in 2009 while ‘avin’ it large in Malia, being charged with “scandal and misrepresentation of a costume or uniform” after flashing their bottoms while wearing the holy garbs. Luckily for them, their prayers were answered and they walked free when nobody showed up in court to testify that their behaviour was actually offensive.

If you’re worried about your own weekend going up in smoke or ending with a stint in the slammer, then it always pays to get some expert guidance. Luckily, there are companies like Chillisauce that have years of experience in organising group trips on home soil and abroad and offer plenty of resources to help plan the perfect, trouble-free stag or hen weekend.

If you’re still looking to plan an epic last night of freedom, our Hen and Stag Parties section has got all the ideas you’ll need!