It looks like modern bride and grooms are tearing up the wedding etiquette book!

The traditional British wedding is on the verge of extinction as brides and grooms opt instead for ultra-modern refinements to their big day in 2015, new national research has revealed. Michelle-Simon-394

The modern innovations start from the initial wedding invitation, as 22% are now issued via Facebook or other social network rather than the traditional card, sent through the post.

What’s more, one in every 20 wedding invites is dispatched by email, with a further 12% being sent by text message, according to the study by leading hotel bookers

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The venue

Indeed, of the polled 2,000 couples – who were either recently married or hoping to get married in the near future – 38.5% admit they held or are due to hold their entire wedding day in a hotel instead of choosing a church service and a reception at a different venue.

Less than three in 10 weddings (28%) are now conducted by a priest or a vicar. The overwhelming choice of minister for the modern wedding is an appointed civic official from the register office (48%) though many couples are now officially married by a friend (one in 20), while one in 10 wedding ceremonies are conducted by a ship’s captain.

The dress

Once a mainstay of tradition, the white wedding dress is also being eschewed, with just a third of brides now getting married in one. Almost as many (28%), now walk up the aisle in a coloured dress. Kelsey Rose White 2016 80007 Front

The food

Even the traditional roast dinner has been usurped in favour of more modern culinary delights when the wedding breakfast is served.

More than one in five weddings has an Italian-themed dish at the centre of its wedding breakfast, according to the research. And almost one in four couples (24.4%) chooses curry for their wedding breakfast.

Furthermore, 10% of those tying the knot choose fish and chips or their favourite take-out as the main meal on their big day.

Just 18% of couples opt for a traditional fruit wedding cake with 21.6% choosing a chocolate cake for their reception and a further 26% opting for a sponge cake. One in 20 couples now even choose an alternative of a cupcake tower! Natalie & Mark-320