Research by vintage jewellery specialists, William May, has revealed the three most catastrophic things that could turn a dream wedding day into a total nightmare…

From the moment the wedding planning starts, you know that this incredibly special day in your life can also be one of the most stressful. After months, and sometimes years, of planning, it is only natural for brides-to-be to want everything to run as smoothly as possible on their big day. Matthew and Lindsey-568

However, such an important moment comes with a huge level of responsibility and unfortunately, a whole host of variables that COULD go awry.

With this in mind, William May conducted a survey to discover what brides-to-be truly worry about when it comes to their wedding day. They asked UK women, “If you had to choose one of the below, which would be your wedding nightmare?” and discovered some very interesting results…

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Nearly half of the respondents (48%) agreed that the wedding dress not fitting would be the worst thing that could happen to them. With wedding dress fittings being taken so far in advance, alterations and dieting to take into consideration in the run up to your wedding, it is no surprise that women are concerned about the fit of their dress.

Bad weather was the second most popular choice with 38% of responses. After all, if your dress does fit, you certainly don’t want it to get ruined in the rain! However, the superstitious people among us would tell you to embrace a few drops of rain on your big day, as it is meant to symbolise good luck, and blessing of fertility and cleansing! Jamie&Emma-470a

It wasn’t just a worry about the wedding dress not fitting, but the wedding ring too. 11% of people revealed that having the wrong sized ring would be their ultimate disaster. It’s crucial that your wedding rings both fit you and your partner’s fingers perfectly before the big day.

As such an important part of the ceremony and a symbol of your eternal love for one another, you certainly wouldn’t want to not be able to wear your wedding ring. William May have an extensive collection of stunning wedding bands that can be altered to fit your ring finger perfectly! IMG_2731

Surprisingly, none of the women surveyed revealed that they were worried about the groom turning up late. Is this because they have bestowed a charming watch on their husband-to-be before the big day? Watches have become a popular wedding gift to buy your future husband, and with a watch on his wrist there really are no excuses to be late!