2014 brides, listen up! If you’re wondering what type of invitations you should be choosing for next year, Emma-Louise at Els Design Wedding Stationery reveals all…

Wedding stationery is one of the thousand small details that has to be just right in order to make your day a perfect one. A seemingly small thing can make all the difference, not just to how you see your wedding day, but also how others perceive it. For some guests, this will be the only contact they have with you before the big day, so it’s an important detail to get right.

vintage luxe

The trends next year will still be influenced by the economic climate, but in very different ways. Instead of recycled vintage you’ll see vintage luxe inspired by the Art Deco era – think Great Gatsby. A classic that never dates is lace, diamanté and pearls. Florals have always been popular but in 2014 they’ll be even bigger, from traditional blooms to shabby chic patterns all influenced by nostalgia. Hot colours for 2014 include gold, peach, hot pink, navy and my personal favourite, turquoise, all of which can be mixed with a variety of secondary colours to create a beautiful effect.

Vintage Luxe

First up is a mix of lace, pearls and diamanté that encapsulates vintage of the upper class. No more rustic and homespun, we are talking vintage glamour! As a wedding theme this can work really well as there are lots of designers creating some amazing products around vintage. The whole industry is ablaze with vintage everything and it can create an amazing day if planned properly.

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vintage luxe 2

The 1950s has been a big theme for the past few years and is still on trend but for 2014 you will see the resurgence of 1920s, again more glitz and glamour!

The look is so mature that you could design a whole wedding day around it and not be left wanting. In terms of stationery, think monochrome, gold, brooches, pearls and satin ribbons. As long as they are done well, they are right on trend.

Lace and Damask

lace damask

Lace is a classic material and design that never seems to go out of fashion. The Royal Wedding is still fresh in the minds of many brides and is still influencing many couples. Rather than splashing the Union Jack everywhere, many are electing for a more subtle homage to lace. Damask is also another classic look that has become increasingly popular for those who want a traditional look with a classy edge. It works particularly well with pearls and you can choose a colour to match your scheme.

Done well, lace is a very flexible and feminine fabric that adds a timeless elegance to proceedings. Whether the theme is designed around it, or whether you use it sparingly on your wedding stationery and dress, lace is bang up to date and still very much in vogue for 2014.

Floral Fete

floral fete

Floral designs are timeless like lace and the two can even be mixed together for a more country fete feel. It’s one of those themes that never goes out of fashion and seems to be reinvented each season. Think romantic florals, big blooms and shabby chic patterns for the coming year. Pick a flower, pick a range and run with it. You can incorporate florals into other themes, too, like vintage, retro, rustic, to thoroughly modern. The only limit with a floral design is your own imagination! It doesn’t have to be too girly or feminine, either – ask your stationer and florist for their advice on which blooms to choose.

If you’re looking for more inspirational ideas, our Wedding Stationery section has everything you need to create wonderful save the dates and invitations that will wow your guests.