Take it from us – we’ve spoken to a lot of real brides over the years, and there are always little things that they wish they’d thought about during the wedding planning process! We asked our brides what they would change if they could do it all again, and here’s their advice for you! Check out part 1 here…


“We’d have started the wedding at midday instead of 2pm. The whole thing goes by so quickly!” Samantha


“Because I was getting ready at the venue we didn’t need transport. I had considered using my immaculate cream 1970s VW Beetle, but at the last minute I decided not to take it. In hindsight I wish I had.” Becky

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“If we could do it all again, we’d definitely hire a wedding videographer. They’re expensive, which is what put us off, but they day goes so quickly it would have been great to watch bits back again.” Katharine


“If I could change anything, I’d have been more prepared for the rain, as it meant we couldn’t get all many photos in Battersea Park as we would have liked. Make sure you have a good option for indoor and outdoor photos – it’s really important.” Charlotte – see more of Charlotte’s wedding day here, and read our top tips on beating wedding day rain!


“I wouldn’t worry so much about my dress getting dirty. We got some pictures taken underneath a blossom tree, and they are our favourite photos of the day!” Helen


“It would have been nice to extend the party but the venue’s entertainment license ended at midnight. But in hindsight, it was probably best to end on a high, before everyone got too tired!” Ruth

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“We would have got a signed contract with the venue because prices varied and unexpected additional costs were added at the last minute.” Kathryn


“I’d allocate someone the job of bringing us some drinks and canapés – the bride and groom get forgotten while they’re away having their pictures taken.” Sarah


“I would have liked to add more time onto the dinner. We lost a little time during the day so were rushed for dessert. We didn’t have a receiving line so David our parents and I decided we would go around each table speaking to all the guests between courses. I would have loved a bit more time to do this.” Siobhan


“I had a few bridezilla moments where I worried about where we’d get balloons from or whether there would be enough candles, etc. On Christmas Eve I had a word with myself! None of that matters. All of your guests want you to have a wonderful day and will share in your joy. They won’t judge those little things, so don’t stress, just enjoy every moment.” Charlottesee more of Charlotte’s wedding day here, or read more of our fantastic wedding planning advice!