No matter how hard you plan, no wedding day goes perfectly – whether it’s the weather, music malfunctions or just running out of time, most brides have little things they’d like to change about their day. We asked our real brides for their advice and what they would change if they could – read up and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes!

“I would decorate the venue earlier! I made 1,000 origami swans, but it turned out that hanging them was a complete nightmare and we ran out of time, so we only ended up hanging a fraction of them!” Hannasee more details from Hanna’s wedding here!

“You’ve paid for the day, so make sure you make the most of it. I forgot to sample our mini burgers and pick’n’mix as I was too caught up in talking to our guests, and when everyone tells me how amazing they were I can’t help but regret not trying them for myself!” Lindsay

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“I wouldn’t have left so many things to the last minute, like making the table plan the day before! I wish I’d completed all the DIY projects earlier, so I could spend those days before the wedding getting pampered and completely chilling out.” Roberta


“We would definitely give ourselves a day or two after the wedding to recover. We went on honeymoon the morning after the wedding, and post wedding tiredness and jet lag are not a great combination.” Jennifer

“The only thing we’d change about the wedding was our DJ. The prices do reflect the quality, so if you think you’re getting a really good, cheap deal – there might be a reason for that!” Esmesee more details from Esme’s day here!

“I’d enjoy every minute because it goes so fast! Also I’d recommend that the bride eats often throughout the day because the alcohol might catch up with you if you don’t!” Stephanie

“Grooms – look at your bride as she walks down the aisle! James didn’t because he was feeling emotional, but I wished I could have seen his face.” Ceri

“I wouldn’t invite all the ‘distant’ family members. It was insisted we extend invitations to include them all – and not one turned up. What a waste of money!” Klaire

“Delegate more on the morning of the wedding and have a relaxed time getting ready. We were running around like lunatics and had to get ready very quickly!” Emily

“Organise your dance routine early on. We didn’t choreograph a dance because we simply ran out of time before the wedding, which I do regret now.” Catherine

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