It’s one of the worst situations you could be in when planning your big day, the man of your dreams and your maid of honour aka your bestie just don’t get on! So what do you even do when this happens? (298)

Find out why

Sit them down and ask them the simple question, “why don’t you get on?” If they can’t think of anything specific and it’s just the general, “They’re not my cup of tea,” then are they just trying to make things harder for you?

Tell them how it’s making you feel

If you’re feeling the heat from the two different sides then it’s time to tell them how you’re feeling and how it’s affecting you. If they haven’t attempted to resolve any of the issues they have with each other and it’s getting you down, ask yourself is it worth the stress to have your friend in your wedding anyway. Stephen & Emily 321

Attempt a reconciliation

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Ask them both if they would go to dinner, or even just drinks and try to sort things out face to face – this is a great way to get them talking and see if the underlying problem can really be sorted. If not, ask if they can at least get along just for the day and there won’t be any awkwardness when it comes to the ‘I do’s’.

Be sensitive

It’s a tricky subject to handle, so be sure to tread carefully when you bring it up with both of them – get your sensitive head on and ensure you don’t do anything too rash and listen to both sides of the argument – it could be a really simple conclusion. Bringing us to our next point…

Simple misunderstanding? Clear it up. Pronto!

Ever thought that they may be blowing things out of proportion? It could be as simple as “he said I was annoying once…” and he might not even remember saying this.

Group activities

Get the bridal party and groomsmen to have some fun together! Organise a fun bowling evening or weekend away – everyone will get into the wedding planning spirit and hopefully it’ll bring the two people you love most together.

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Spend time with both, separately

Take time out of your busy schedule to talk to your hubby to be and maid of honour individually – get both sides of the argument and try to come up with a solution to the problem that everyone can get on board with…you included.

Don’t make them fake a relationship

Everyone will see straight through it and it won’t make you feel any better knowing that they’re faking the whole relationship, even if it is just for your happiness. 009Mr&MrsPaxton

Don’t ever give them an ultimatum, no matter what

It’s tough when two of your favourite people don’t get along but never give them an ultimatum – you may lose one of them when you do, and you definitely don’t want that. Just try to be as rational as possible and hopefully they’ll notice how horrible it is for you and put you over their spat!

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