What To Do The Night Before Your Wedding Day

Eeekk, the day is almost here! After all that planning, you’re going to be feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness because your big day is actually happening… tomorrow!

To make sure you’re not feeling too lost in excitement, we’ve put together the things you should do the night before your wedding day.

Wash your hair

Whether you’re getting in a professional hairdresser to do your ‘do for your wedding day, or if you’re keeping it in house and getting one of your bridesmaids to bring along their curlers and clips, washing your hair the night before will make sure your a lot easier to work with. Yes, freshly washed hair means it will still smell like your apple shampoo and conditioner as well as shine like the sun, but silky smooth hair can be a little too silky smooth for your hair styling appliances.

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Honeymoon packing

If you’re off on your honeymoon or minimoon straight after the big day itself, it’s a good idea to, firstly, pack ahead of time, and secondly, double check it the night before your wedding. This way you won’t have that awful realisation mid wedding reception that you forgot to pack underwear for your trip. Make you and your hubby-to-be a checklist and use it to get packing in the weeks before the big day, then bring out the checklist again on the night before just to make sure you’ve packed absolutely everything you will need so you can quickly whisk yourselves away after the wedding…

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Last minute beauty prep

Tonight is the time for the finishing touches! Manicure? Check. Pedicure? Check. Just completely spoil yourself with a totally relaxing beauty session with your bridesmaids to prepare for the day. Run yourself a bubble bath, play some chilled out music and have a good old gossip with your girls. But do remember, now is not the time for a facial. The night before your wedding is not the time to be introducing some new things to your beauty regime – it only risks the potential of waking up to an absolute corker on the end of your nose.

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Step away from the spot

Talking of spots, if you’ve already got one or two – as annoying as they are – don’t pick them! Your wedding make-up will do the trick. If you’re getting someone in to do your make-up, they’ll know all the tricks in the book, or if you’re doing it yourself and you’re unsure on how to go about covering and concealing, YouTube it! YouTube has so many amazing hair and beauty tutorials to inspire your wedding look. But remember, it’s always a good idea to try out any new make-up techniques before the wedding day itself to get an idea of what suits you and your complexion.

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Emergency kit

Round up all your big day essentials the night before to be ready – from kirby grips and safety pins just in case, to the essential lipgloss for topping-up before all the photos! That way you won’t be up all night thinking about what you’ll do if your hair goes out of place. Get it done and save the midnight stressing, and consequential lack of bridal beauty sleep – the most important kind of sleep!

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Outfit checklist

If you’re all together, organise all the bridal party’s outfits ready for the big day. Lie them out on the bed and make sure everyone has got everything: the dresses, the suits, the ties, the accessories, the shoes. Only realising that one of your bridesmaids has got one shoe missing on the morning of the wedding probably isn’t the most ideal situation, right? There isn’t exactly a lot of time to schedule in an emergency jog to the nearest shoe shop on that specific morning…

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Resist the drink

Whilst it’s obviously a huge celebration that you’re getting married in the morning, it’s probably a better idea to keep the Champagne in the fridge for tonight – save it for the Buck’s Fizz when you wake up! We don’t think anyone really likes the idea of waking up early with a banging headache or a bit of a bloated stomach on any day of the year, let alone your wedding day. But like we said, that’s definitely not to stop you once the day has actually arrived, we’re sure you’ll make up for it.

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Set your alarm

This seems obvious seeing as you have to set one every day to make sure you actually make it to work in the morning, but when you’re caught up in your pre-wedding excitement-but-nervousness, it’s easy to forget. Don’t rely on your bridesmaids to come running to your room and jump on your bed to wake you up – it’s not exactly the most pleasant way to be woken up from a slumber, is it? Set your alarm, have a more restful wake up, and prepare yourself for the moment that your bridesmaid run in… Much nicer, we think.

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Little love note

What’s cuter than writing a love note to your soon-to-be husband on the night before the your wedding? Get one of your of your friends to deliver it to where he’s getting ready as a nice surprise for the morning. Or you can be even more generous and team it up with a nice little wedding present – how about an aftershave or pair of cufflinks? We’ve got a great list of gifts to give your groom for more ideas, too!

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Again, those pre-wedding jitters might mean you have far too many thoughts running through your mind to even consider going to sleep. There are so many reasons to get a good nights sleep! From the ceremony to late into the wedding reception and even your first night together as husband and wife, your wedding day is going to be a long day. You’ll want to read up on all of these sound sleep-inducing tips to ensure you don’t fall asleep before your wedding night is up!