There’s no bond quite like the bride and her bridesmaids – they are the bride’s right hand ladies, from the phone call spilling the beans on the proposal up until the closing song of the wedding day playlist. But it’s important to remember the things you shouldn’t expect from them…

Hen party perfection

Especially if it’s being planned as a total surprise for you, the hen party probably isn’t going to be everything you could dream of – your imagination can run a little wild sometimes. Plus, even though it’s a party for you, there are all the other hens there to be entertained. That stripper that turns up at your front door on the night of your hen do? If you don’t enjoy it, someone else there definitely will. Either way though, it’s definitely going to be a night to remember –always give your bridesmaids credit for that!

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A ‘yes’ to everything

Once you’ve got that engagement ring on your finger, like we said, your imagination does start to go WILD with ideas, thoughts and plans. As much as your bridesmaids love you, and love the fact that you chose them especially to be your best girls on your wedding day, don’t expect them to say yes to everything you have planned. Whether it’s because they’re busy or because they just don’t want to, you’ve got to remember they have their own lives too (albeit not as exciting as your wedding, of course).

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Prioritising your day above all

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This is kind of the same thing as saying ‘yes’ to all those plans, but we’re looking a bit closer at it now… When you complain to anyone else – be it your groom-to-be or one of your other bridesmaids – that the maid of honour hasn’t replied about your cake tasting plans that you organised last minute for tomorrow, you’ve got to think: is that reasonable? If your maid of honour actually replying a text message is a similar feeling to finding needle in a haystack, that’s not the best, but stressing about the fact that she hasn’t replied after a couple of hours is just getting into bridezilla zone…

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Mind reading ability

Just because they’re your best girls doesn’t mean that they will know every single thought you’re thinking. If you’ve not told them you want a mermaid dress with a sweetheart neckline, you can’t be annoyed they’re picking out a classic A-line, can you! Always keep them in the loop with everything that’s going on – all your plans, updates on those plans, and diary dates – so they can be as helpful as possible, without needing the skill of mind reading magic.

Huge and expensive gift

Every bridesmaid faces the question of whether or not they have to get the bride-to-be an engagement present, wedding present, or both. We know for a fact they will be massively grateful for you choosing them as your bridesmaids, but keep in mind that they don’t have a wedding budget to break like you do. Don’t expect something huge and expensive, and take their help as a wedding gift! Bridesmaids: if you’re reading this, a great idea for a wedding gift that will be cherished is a homemade photo album – fill it with pictures from throughout your friendship, including the wedding planning process! (Hen party photos can be excluded). Jessica & Luke Colour-451

Your level of excitement

No matter how tough planning your wedding gets, you can just think of the actual day itself and your excitement and motivation will be regained! With your bridesmaids, it might be a little different. Keep that in mind before expecting high-pitched screaming and little jumps up and down every single time you meet up with your bridesmaids to talk wedding, or meet up for any reason in fact. And definitely don’t try and push excitement on them, because, most of the time, that has the complete opposite effect.

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A choreographed dance routine

Choreographing a dance routine for the wedding reception has no doubt come up in conversations you’ve had together, and as cool as it COULD be, it was probably meant as a joke. But if it’s something you really want to do, make sure the other bridesmaids are on board first. Why not arrange a day activity for your hen do? It would definitely be a memorable feature of your wedding day, that’s for sure!

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