Public speaking isn’t everyone’s forté, but anyone can learn the qualities that every great public speaker has, according to speaking expert, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes.

Sarah has recently released a book called ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking‘ and we thought this could help out any of you who are writing best man speeches out there!

Being asked to speak in public is something that fills a lot of people with dread. Seemingly, all but a few talented individuals will stumble over their words, ramble on, or freeze with embarrassment, but this book reveals how – with the right advice, tricks and techniques – anyone can learn to be a brilliant speech-maker. Rusty and Lucy's Wedding (536)

So get your pen and paper ready for these 6 top tips…


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70% of the population experience communication anxiety when asked to make a speech, so make yourself aware of the root causes of your fear to avoid making the same mistakes again.


Public speaking is about the audience, not you, so get in their heads and focus on how they will benefit from your speech. Leave out too many private jokes between you and the groom – no one will know what you’re talking about!


Focus on the one compelling idea that could change your audience’s world and build your content around it. It should be one gourmet dish, not an all-you-can-eat buffet! You don’t need to include every single story you’ve ever had with the groom, but can include a couple if they’re relevant to your toast to the couple! a&jW626


Paint pictures with words, repeat key words, use visual aids and make it interactive to really engage the audience – make it a best man’s speech to remember, not one to forget!


Visualise yourself into success and step boldly from your comfort zone in order to benefit your audience. If you show your nervousness, it will only take over! Confidence is key.


Audiences will warm to speakers that they trust, and the best way to win them over is to be genuine and speak from the heart. As much as you hate the ‘soppy stuff’, it’s nice to include how much the groom means to you! The wedding guests will love it.  Lucy&Jon494

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