Music Wedding Videos was born from those exact reactions in 2011 and we are now the UK’s leading bespoke wedding video company coming up to our 5th year.

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Why is that?

The reason is simple, we encourage you to watch your wedding video over and over again, reliving your big day and watching everyone having such a great time.

The concept is very simple.

You pick a song, we have a consultation with you beforehand to discuss structure and storyboard; then we turn up with our cameras, lyrics and music and we capture people having fun.

During the day we get people singing, dancing, waving, smiling, laughing, and then cut it ‘MTV style’ and make you all stars of your own Music Wedding Video.

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We don’t take over the day and only shoot the video when there are gaps in proceedings. Our perfect opportunity is when the photos are been shot or turnaround after dinner.

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The concept is a double-edged sword

We turn up on the day and have fun with everyone which brings it’s own entertainment. We try and get everyone involved whether they are on the video for 3 seconds or 15 seconds, to really capture someone’s personality. Then 6 weeks later you have an edited music video, where you probably haven’t seen the majority of ‘moves and shapes’ happening.

Are you the type of couple who would bask in the concept or would you get stage fright?

At numerous shows, we do have people who say that they can’t see themselves ever doing that kind of thing. This is great! Some say we are like marmite. It is not a hard sell and we wouldn’t try to ‘convince’ those people to do it as it would be hard work for us on the day. You know whether you, your friends and family would love or loathe this concept.

Once you do choose to book us for your day, we have found that there are three types of people.

Type 1 – The people who have a choreographed dance/organised routine that are like ‘just press record, we know what we’re doing’. They have been waiting for that moment all of their lives.

Type 2 – The people who say ‘Go on then, what do you want me to do’. Great, we say these are the two lines etc etc

Tyoe 3 – The people who just don’t get it, maybe aunts or uncles etc. This is also great because we just get them waving or subtle jazz hands. See what we can get away with as we want to get everyone in the video.

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The traditional parts….?

We also pop some traditional bits in from the day ie first kiss, first dance, cutting of the cake. This creates the narrative and journey of the video. Cut in everyone looking smart, having fun singing and dancing and there is your music video.

We do also shoot traditional videos including Ceremony, speeches, getting ready, first dance. We find that our combo is very popular because you have the fun, quirky video as well as the sensible ‘glass of wine with the grandparents’ video too.

Please take a look at our fun portfolio and visit Music Wedding Videos and we look forward to making you the stars on your big day!