Recently, diamond experts,, conducted a survey on what exactly spurs men on to propose, and you won’t believe the results! Husband-to-be: you might want to steer clear.

More than half of grooms propose as a result of hints from their girlfriend. You might have thought your hints had gone unnoticed, but 55% of grooms react to the opened magazines or red-circle marks on Tiffany adverts, in a way that makes them pop the question. And that’s not it…

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Don’t worry, it’s not only your incessant hints that’s doing it. Just under a third, at 30%, ask the words ‘will you marry me’ from parental pressure, coming from their own parents or the bride-to-be’s.

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The most popular location to propose is at a beauty spot or during a walk in the countryside – chosen by 27% of grooms. Next up for 20% of grooms is the foreign city option, like Paris or London – 6% propose at a famous landmark like the London Eye! That’s followed by a cosy, at-home, on-the-sofa proposal at 15%, on a summer holiday at 11%. And 7% of grooms propose in bed!

Old traditions are not dying out. Seven out of ten grooms still go down on bent knee when proposing and almost two-thirds of men ask the girlfriend’s father’s permission for her hand in marriage before going ahead with the proposal. But 43% pop the question spontaneously.

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While the vast majority of grooms (86%) proposed when they intended to, a further 12% bottled it at least once before finally plucking up the courage to ask! Good news though: 93% of women said ‘yes’ to their first proposal!

67% of grooms purchase the diamond engagement ring before proposing, with 87% saying the bride was very happy with their selection and had no desire to change it – well done grooms we say!

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Proposing is your groom’s first step with the wedding and marriage, but what about the rest? Make sure your h2b knows his groomly duties during your wedding planning process!