The latest art and technology concept from Sweden, Mapiful – a unique online platform that lets customers easily create, customise, and order beautiful minimalist maps – turning the wedding or honeymoon location into a beautiful art piece.

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For all couples, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. They carefully select a beautiful venue, which will play witness to the most important vows made in their lifetime. As fantastic as it is to have a photographer capture the beauty of the place, it is equally as great to make this special location into an art piece, which is where Mapiful comes into play. Whether these unique maps are something that is added to the gift registry, or purchased by the couple after the wedding itself, the beautifully designed and completely bespoke maps will be a great addition to the home or to the office.

With Mapiful, the entire globe is open, meaning that special events like the first date, the wedding, the honeymoon and even the birth of children can be celebrated with a beautiful map, preserving the memories and brightening up every day, just by looking at the walls.

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The simple, intuitive do-it-yourself online tool lets customers turn any location on the planet into a map. A Mapiful print takes minutes to personalise and order, with an array of customisation options: four different theme styles, two orientations, three different sizes, varying zoom-levels and three editable lines of text. Once ordered, Mapiful prints arrive within 3-5 days. Some of the most popular locations chosen for Mapiful prints include London, Paris and Stockholm, but every town or village, no matter how small or obscure, can be presented by Mapiful.

Exploring with Mapiful is as simple as using Google Maps. The Open Street Map Project gives the Mapiful service access to incredibly detailed data outlining road networks across the world, which allows the generation of accurate maps for even the remotest areas.

Mapiful lets customers decorate their home or workplace with a map of any place on the planet meaningful to them: their hometown, where they fell in love, where their office is based, or just a favourite city.

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Cost and delivery

Costing just £40 with either free delivery within 3-5 days, or next-day Express delivery for the perfect last-minute gift, a customised Mapiful print is on high-quality matte paper and delivered in a light tube.


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