Want to do something a little unusual on your wedding day? Provide a spectacle that is going to make your guests gasp, laugh and remember your wedding amongst all the others they’ve been to?

Well, there are some weird wedding ideas out there – some weirder than others. We’ve gathered together a few for you to consider – if you’re brave enough to try them!

My heart will go on

We think one of the weirdest (and most hilarious) pieces of wedding entertainment we’ve ever seen is in the film The Wedding Video when a bride decides to enter the reception on the bow of a ship to the music from Titanic – and it goes horribly wrong. It’s an odd way to arrive at your own wedding reception and rather exhibitionist in our opinion but hey, it was a movie! (Warning: the clip features a little bad language at the end!)


Shhh… it’s time to dance!

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If you’re a seasoned clubber, you might not think this particularly weird, but how about a silent disco at your wedding reception? It’s not such a bad idea as it might sound at first – people can sit and chat and hear one another whilst the dancers do their thing. You can mix things up a bit by giving guests a choice of different music channels – you just provide headphones and the venue. Suppliers include Silent Noize Events who will provide 100 headphones for just over £200 – you’ll need to allow a bit more for a DJ.

Make your own music video

There’s karaoke, and then there’s marryoke! Choose a song you love, and then a videographer will follow you around all day, getting footage of you and your guests singing along to the track. The video is then edited and your guests and you end up with an MTV-worthy wedding video. Try Marryokes or Music Wedding Videos for quotes.


Arrival for a pair of high flyers

If you want to make an entrance to your wedding that your guests will never forget, you could take a lead from this couple and arrive by zipwire! Of course, it’ll take a bit of pre-planning and the right venue, but it’s certainly a photo opportunity that will never be forgotten – not to mention entertaining for your guests!

It’s a dog’s life

One wedding we’d love to have been a guest at was this one of Louise and Daniel’s where nearly £8000 was spent on dog food! The canine guests were waited on hand and foot – there was a doggy day crèche, a four poster bed for each dog in a chill-out room, mini dog-friendly ice cream cones and paddling pools. If we were guests at that wedding, we’d have spent all our time watching the animal antics! Is this something you’d do for your pet pooch?

Not a mini me

A wedding cake is usually the centrepiece of the wedding reception and admired by guests – but what if your wedding cake was a life-size replica of yourself? That’s just what this bride in the USA had created for her, and by all accounts it did stop guests in their tracks. Not surprising when you think it weighed 180kg and was baked with more than 200 eggs in!

weirdest-wedding-entertainment-ever-wfphoto.co.uk  IMG_2158AA

“Is that who I think it is?”

Have you ever seen the spoof photographs of celebs taken by Alison Jackson? (The ones of Prince William and Kate Middleton are not to be missed.) We all love a bit of celebrity gossip and celeb-spotting, so why not have some A-lister lookalikes at your wedding reception? They just need to mingle with the guests during the drinks and canapé part of the reception – although you’re also going to want your photograph taken with them as well, of course!

The trick is to not let any of your guests in on the secret beforehand, and watch them do double-takes all night! Now which celebs would you like to invite to your wedding – Ryan Gosling, anyone?

Awkward photography

If you’ve never seen the site Awkward Family Photos, then go now – you’ll find some hilariously awkward wedding photographs there! If your guests have the right sense of humour, then why not set up a photobooth or ask the photographer to replicate some of the shots? You’ll have to write something on a board to explain the concept first and then watch everyone get in on the act. Check out this awkward wedding shot – not what was intended, we think!

If you’re looking for slightly more conventional wedding entertainment, then why not check out our Music and Entertainment section on our website?