Having trouble finding the right dress? Maybe get some inspiration from these weird wedding dresses.

weird-wedding-dressesThe Body Paint Bride

Well you can’t say it’s not good for the environment – if you’re keen for green weird wedding dresses, why not save on the material and the money and just get your wedding dress painted on!?

Before you say anything: no, this dress was not actually used for a real wedding but for a challenge in the British reality show, ‘Battle of the Brides’. Points for creativity though.

The Chocolate Bride

Look good enough to eat in this dress made out of real chocolate.

Rococo Chocolates of Chelsea, London and bridal dress designer Ian Stuart teamed up to create this delicious number, complete with chocolate curls and truffles.

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Even though it’s not a lace or silk dress, it’s still keeping in touch with tradition with some white chocolate.

The Toilet Paper Bride

Surprisingly enough, weird wedding dresses made entirely out of toilet roll don’t seem to be that uncommon, with a real competition happening yearly called the ‘Cheap Chic Weddings Contest’ in America.

Women are given the chance to win money if they manage to make toilet paper look good.

Budget wedding dress: sorted.

The Russian Doll Bride

Yves Saint Laurent took inspiration from Russian Babushka dolls, and formed on of our favourite weird wedding dresses.

We struggle to see how a bride in this cocoon-like number would even make it down the aisle, let alone pose for wedding photos, eat her food and dance at the after-party.

At least you don’t have to worry about getting your hair done!

The Cream Puff Bride

One Ukraine baker obviously loved baking to the extreme, creating his bride’s wedding dress purely from flour, sugar, water and caramel.

Rumours are, he had to bring in a horse and three pigs in to their house to eat the 20 pound dress off the bride.

They could have just saved money on the wedding cake.

The Newspaper Bride

Another eco-friendly number would be the newspaper bridal gown by Sanyukta Shrestha.

Named ‘Pippa’, in reference to its ‘paper’ material, the dress is made completely out of newspapers dating back to the 1980s.

The papers were fused together by cotton before Shrestha added a bit of sparkle with 3,000 hand-placed Swarovski Crystals.