Warning! These wedding ideas are not for the shy and retiring type! An extreme theme is when you forget all about the traditional white wedding and add some eccentricities all of your own.

One extreme theme might be dressing up as characters from your favourite cartoon or film, and yes, we have seen photographs of weddings where the bride and groom are dressed as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia from Star Wars.


Who’s your dream groom? Superman or Batman?

We like this rather more low key idea for a superhero-themed wedding day where the groom and groomsmen were dressed in a formal way, but then broke out in superhero themed T-shirts under their dress shirts. A great moment that the photographer has captured brilliantly here.

If you don’t want an ‘in your face’ extreme wedding but want to add a fun touch then this would be a good way of doing it. You can find superhero T-shirts online and have them made to your specifications, you’ll just have to work out who your favourite characters are.

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We also appreciate the element of surprise here. Maybe this is something you could work into your extreme theme?

Underwater or up in the air?

Another way of creating a stir is by marrying in a very unusual location. We’re thinking in a hot air balloon here or saying your vows underwater whilst scuba diving. It will make for some great wedding photography – but remember you’re probably not going to have many guests present at the precise moment you say ‘I do’ but if you’re happy for it to be just the two of you plus the celebrant and photographer then go for it.

You can’t get married in a hot air balloon or underwater in England because in this country a legal marriage has to take place under a fixed structure but how about above the beautiful wine country of California USA?

On the other hand, if you’re happy to conduct your ceremony with your feet on the ground, you could always organise hot air balloon rides for your guests afterwards at the wedding reception, just remember this is going to be weather dependent.

If you’ve always fancied having an underwater wedding then you could say your vows in the warm waters of Florida. Your non-diving guests can be involved but stay up above by means of a video link.

Getting wedding guests to dress up

Another way of getting your guests involved in an extreme wedding theme is by asking them to wear fancy dress.  “Fancy dress will play a big part in the extreme weddings of 2014, along with vibrant colours and a theme of formal to fun,” says Euphoria Boutique.

While we like the idea of fancy dress, you need to consider the age ranges of all your guests and think about whether everybody is going to feel comfortable with this (you’ll also have to give them plenty of notice). You could have a fairly broad fancy dress theme, something like “come as you were 20 years ago” or even just ask your guests to dress in a colour like red or blue. One thing is for sure; if you’re having children at your wedding they will adore wearing fancy dress outfits.

If you really are going to go down the full fancy dress route, we recommend that you offer a list of fancy dress suppliers (try to negotiate a special rate) from whom your guests can get their outfits.

One thing about this kind of an extreme wedding theme is that you’re going to have some great photograph potential. Besides having an official photographer, you really should consider having a photobooth where guests can pose and show off their personal style!

Alternatively, you could have a ‘masked ball’ type of wedding reception where you send everybody a mask with their invitation and ask them to wear it when they arrive at the party. So you could invite Simon Cowell, Angelina Jolie, Harry Styles or Queen Elizabeth… it would certainly be a talking point and a definite icebreaker.

Need some more inspiration for extreme themes? How about starting a discussion with other brides-to-be on the Wedding Ideas Forum?