Have you considered a weight-loss boot camp? Real bride Sulekha Appaiah is doing just that. Here’s part two of her story…

weight-loss-boot-camp-real-brideHaving completed the weight-loss boot camp week in Dorset over a month ago, I am still on cloud nine. The impact it’s had on my confidence and my body image has been incredible.

It was the perfect way to kick-start a change in attitude to fitness and nutrition. The weight-loss boot camp team were just fantastic, they made the whole experience enjoyable, even if there may have been a few curses going through my head during the hill sprints!

I’ve even managed to plan the training into my lifestyle now. It actually helps me to organise my week.

I try to do most of the running outdoors, but I’m a member of a gym so I can use the treadmill once the weather changes. I have found myself making less excuses not to train because I know how great I will feel afterwards. My clothes feel much looser, too – always a sign to keep it up!

What I learnt at the nutrition sessions has stuck with me since leaving the weight-loss boot camp, especially the importance of eating little, and often. I am more organised with my time and will keep a bag of almonds in the car so I can snack on a few after the gym, rather than build up a huge appetite for when I get home.

The instructors emphasised measurements rather than weight, which I have managed to record weekly from our last measurement before leaving the bootcamp.

So far, I am really feeling the benefits of the weight-loss boot camp, I love the fact the trainers are so very understanding, even if you have a wobbly week with social/travel commitments.

I have just 9 weeks to go until the big day and I am just taking one week at a time!

Check back soon to see how Sulekha is getting on!

Are you losing weight for your big day? How much have you lost so far?

Let us know!


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