Tidy and trim or trailing and wild, Interflora share the best of bouquet shapes to make sure your petals look on point. In issue 168 we bring you the best of bouquets and the shapes you can get them in to really fit you theme.




Loose Hand Tied

A popular style with brides throughout the decades, loose, hand-tied bouquets create that ‘just picked’ look which, depending on the time of year, can be dramatically different depending on wedding colours, themes and of course, what flowers are in season. They make the perfect bouquet arrangement for rustic weddings, allowing for a wide variety of flowers to be used and embracing multiple stem lengths for that sought-after romantic and slightly wild look.



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Carmen Rose

A beautiful and very different look with undeniable wow-factor, the carmen rose bouquet is constructed from multiple individual petals, expertly glued to look like one gigantic flower. Full of delicate charm, this bouquet is super romantic and can be made up in your choice of petal colours, even including a gentle ombre effect! With a carmen rose bouquet, you can guarantee your flowers will be noticed and remembered by guests for a long time to come.





Perhaps the most traditional style of all, the cascade bouquet is elegant and sophisticated, designed to gracefully flow from the bride’s hands. Made popular by Princess Diana in the 1980s, it has enjoyed something of a revival in recent years. The falling flowers add a whimsical element to the bouquet, making them perfect for country, enchanted woodland or even fairytale-inspired weddings. The deliberately trailing deisgn is also a big favourite with bohemian brides.




Compact Posy

Typically round in shape, the posy bouquet is a popular choice for modern brides. It’s a simple yet elegant look – more formal than a loose, hand-tied option and easier to carry than a cascade. Suitable for almost any style of wedding, brides can create a more  contemporary look with a tighter structure and subtle statement blooms, leaves, or berries depending on the time of year they tie the knot.





The pageant bouquet is designed to be cradled in the arms. A style that was at its most popular at the turn of the twentieth century, it is making a comeback with modern brides thanks to its chic appearance. This simple style of bouquet typically uses long stemmed flowers such as calla lilies or roses, both of which are among the most beloved blooms by brides. Soften the look of these impressive flowers by including some leafy foliage or gypsophila sprigs.





A pomander is a ball of flowers, suspended from a decorative ribbon. Often the arrangement of choice for bridesmaids or flower girls, there’s no reason why the bride herself couldn’t carry one of these stunning arrangements down the aisle. Scented blooms and foliage are a popular choice for this style, making your flowers smell as sensational as they look. Coordinate the ribbon with the colour of your accessories for maximum style.


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