Official feeds of Instagram confirm to us 6 contemporary and creative techniques and styles that are taking confection perfection to the next level for the fashion forward couple on their wedding day!

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Dirty-Iced is the new found name for the step by step process of dressing a cake called a ‘crumb coating’ in which a preliminary layer of icing is applied before the finishing layer. This unfinished step in cake covering has itself become a desired finish and surprisingly a chic, delicate and relaxed choice for a boho garden party vibe wedding. A dirty-Iced cake exudes an effortlessness that requires no elaborate dressing, frosting or decoration apart from a few accenting fruits, florals or an alternative cake topper.

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Single Tier




For the effortless and elegant appearance to your cake a single tiered cake is an equally beautiful, trendy and economical choice for couples who are hosting a more intimate affair!- A great way to cut costs without forfeiting the tradition of cutting a cake completely. Visually the single tier is considerably tall and thin for height which allows room for multiple cake layers and flavours. The finish of which can be either a plastered icing effect with a palette knife or the flawless smooth surface of fondant decorated minimally or intricately to suit the couples personality.




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Sweet succulents are a beautifully earthy and wholesome injection of greenery to decorate a simple tiered cake and add an element of tropical to contrast the traditional white wedding look! – Just right for a summer wedding!




For such a spectacular celebration the edible confetti of baking is a sure winner for 2016. The multi-coloured whimsical cake is a vibrant option for couples who don’t have a strict colour theme or just love sprinkles!

Renaissance fruit



An era rich in paintings, decadent fruit platters and opulent table arrangements, the use of jewelled halved fruits to adorn your cake is a classical take on the era of revival for architecture and art.

Marbled fondant




Reminiscent of a chic and luxurious interior,to contrast the sickly sweet ethereal pastel cakes, some of us will already have seen a favour towards all things marbled, crystallised and rocky! Achieved effortlessly and rather professionally simply by kneading a small dot of black colour paste into white fondant until the colour is twisted into a natural ombre swirling. A very sophisticated and minimal look evokes a stylish and expensive finish with the idea of something so permanent created to decorate the short lived existence of a cake!

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