Wedding photos are traditionally considered the most treasured keepsake of your day, but more and more couples are opting for both photography and wedding videography to capture their big day on film.


So what’s the difference? With wedding videography, you get to hear every laugh and comment, and see every special moment of your day as they happened, even the ones you might have missed.

Top wedding videography ideas:

Traditional wedding videography with a soundtrack

Pick your favourite song as the soundtrack and have your wedding filmed in its simplest way, captured and edited by professionals, leaving you with a disc of memories to watch over and over again. Some of the best tearjerkers I’ve seen are by Ido Wedding Films who recently won the Wedding Ideas Award 2012 for Best Videographer.

Videos your guests have filmed

If you’re not too keen on having a videographer following you around all day, consider letting your guests take the reins! Shoot It Yourself are an innovative company that provides your guests with high-tech cameras to film your day, recording messages and catching the bits you might have missed. Shoot It Yourself then edit the footage and send you a film to treasure. This fab team has even joined forces with Dragons’ Den’s Hilary Devey!

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Music Wedding Videos

How about this for a fun film idea? The brilliant boys at Music Wedding Videos have taken traditional wedding videography to a new fun-filled level. Not only do they film the special moments of your day, but they also ask you and your guests to sing a line or two from your chosen video soundtrack. They then sync the singing to the song in the final edit, and voila! You have a beautiful video that portrays both the romance and fun of your day in one. film

I have only recently come across this concept, but I already absolutely love it! Using Super-8mm film, Mark Brown gives your wedding a 1960’s/70’s vibe in an instant. The crackled picture in hazy hues and black and white gives your video a vintage feel like no other. Mark will get the reels of film developed in the old-fashioned way for a truly authentic and beautiful video. Take it from me, you’ll love it!

Are you having a wedding videographer to film your big day?

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