With the release of The Wedding Video this weekend, professional wedding and events planner Ailish McDonnell from Keep Calm and Marry on, advises on how to avoid a wedding videographer disaster.


Couples want to relive their wedding day exactly as it happened. Preserving one of the most memorable occasions of their lives on film. The last thing you want on such a precious day is to dread watching your video back in case it doesn’t live up to expectations.

In our experience, if a couple are debating whether or not to have their wedding filmed, if they can afford it, I would always advise on having a professional wedding videographer film it. The day passes so quickly and with having all those special moments captured, it’s better to be able to see your ceremony, your first kiss and dance as a married couple, than regret not having recorded any of it.

Moving with the times

Award-winning Cheshire wedding videographer Unforgettable Memories knows only too well the importance of capturing a wedding day on film.

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A lot of videographers have a bad reputation, but that’s because they haven’t moved with the times. They are still in the age of the large shoulder mounted camera which they point at people and expect them to “perform”, having a video doesn’t have to be like this nowadays.

Don’t have a relative or member of the wedding party shoot your video, as they do in The Wedding Video, unless of course, they are a professional wedding videographer. Remember these people are guests at your wedding and may well be busy with being a guest as opposed to capturing your big day.

Top tips for choosing your wedding videographer

  • Decide on what elements of the wedding you would like to capture
  • When choosing your wedding videographer make sure you know what style you would like – standard static or a fly-on-the-wall documentary.
  • Always meet and discuss your ideas with your wedding videographer well in advance.
  • You should also try to secure your wedding videographer as far in advance as possible.
  • Be clear about what your ‘package’ includes and what, if any, add-ons are required to meet your final film requirements.

Are you having a wedding videographer on your big day?

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